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You may be entitled to substantial compensation for your employer’s failure to pay overtime wages

  • Often overlooked D.C. law that many employers don’t even know about
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Washington D.C. Truck Driver Unpaid Overtime

If you are a truck driver, van driver, or delivery driver and you are not paid over time, give us a call to learn your rights.  We investigate all manner of unpaid OT, wage, FLSA claims.  But specifically for this page, there is also an often overlooked law called the District of Columbia Minimum Wage Act that may be relevant for you.  It might as well be called the District of Columbia delivery driver overtime pay act.


Do you drive a van, box truck, or similar type of vehicle?  Do you drive “most” of your route in Washington, D.C.?

If so . . .

Do you regularly work over 40 hours per week?

If so . . .

Are you getting paid your overtime?

If not . . .

Then, under the District of Columbia Minimum Wage Act, you may be entitled to your overtime PLUS triple monetary damages.  You may be eligible for overtime under D.C. law even if you are exempt from overtime pay under federal law.

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Most employees assume that your paycheck is right, but many companies simply do not follow the law – whether that failure is intentional or negligent.  Many employers of D.C. delivery drivers are unfamiliar with their obligation to pay their drivers and other employees 1.5x their regular pay rate for any hours worked over 40, others outright choose not to follow the law.  Either way, the failure to pay employees as required by D.C. law makes an employer liable for damages.

As with most laws, there are always exceptions.  If you’re a delivery driver, loader, or mechanic – whether your fleet consists of cargo vans, box truck, sprinter vans, or tractor-trailers, please contact us at (443-921-1100) to speak with someone who can help determine if you are potentially owed compensation.