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Staying up to date in Maryland criminal law is crucial in lawyers serving the interests of their clients.  For this reason, Warnken, LLC briefs every single new criminal law case coming from the Maryland Court of Appeals and the United States Supreme Court.

As any criminal practitioner knows, sometimes the smallest fact can mean the difference between guilty and not guilty.  Knowing how that fact relates to the whole – and why that fact can lead to a not-guilty – is the job of a good criminal defense lawyer in Maryland or anywhere.

Thorough knowledge of criminal law, including search and seizure, evidentiary issues, and criminal procedure is vital to quality representation.  Review cases at WarnkenLaw to get the information needed to stay current.  For those seeking criminal representation, click here.

  • Notable Cases – 2012

    Below are the notable cases from 2012 in Maryland criminal law.  Criminal defense clients, click here.  For criminal defense attorneys seeking to refer cases for appeal, please click here.

  • Notable Cases – 2011

    Below are links and introductions for notable 2011 Maryland criminal cases, brought to you by Baltimore criminal lawyer and law professor Byron L. Warnken.

  • Notable Cases – 2010

    2010 Maryland criminal cases from Byron Warnken, Baltimore criminal defense lawyer and full-time Professor of criminal law and constitutional criminal procedure at U of Baltimore School of Law.

  • Criminal Lawyers in Baltimore

    Experience Matters There are few criminal lawyers in Baltimore with more experience than Professor Byron L. Warnken.  Warnken got his start teaching criminal law at the University of Baltimore in the late 1970’s.  He has seen a lot of change in Baltimore over time.  Warnken was around before Harborplace, when the waterfront wasn’t somewhere you […]