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Criminal Lawyers in Baltimore

Experience Matters

There are few criminal lawyers in Baltimore with more experience than Professor Byron L. Warnken.  Warnken got his start teaching criminal law at the University of Baltimore in the late 1970’s.  He has seen a lot of change in Baltimore over time.  Warnken was around before Harborplace, when the waterfront wasn’t somewhere you wanted to go at noon, much less for a night out on the town.  He was teaching criminal law when Jim Palmer was still pitching for the O’s, the Baltimore Colts were still in town, and before Baltimore had even heard of Cal Ripken.

Numerous Cases

Warnken began an active practice of law when he had been teaching about ten years.  He’s had a criminal law firm in Baltimore or in Towson for more than 20 years.  During that time, the Warnken firm has opened more than 1300 criminal files.

When you have more than 30 years of experience and a photographic memory, it makes it easier to recall cases and facts.  It also makes it easier for other lawyers in the office to draw on experience to create the best defense strategy.  Everyone benefits from Warnken’s experience.

High Profile

Warnken parlayed his success as a professor into a career as a criminal lawyer in Baltimore.  He represented such names as Baltimore criminal lawyer Billy Murphy, state senator Tommie Broadwater, infamous police officer James Kulbicki, Gubernatorial candidate Ellen Sauerbrey, among numerous others.

Baltimore’s Daily Record business and legal newspaper did a feature piece on Warnken, called making a career of defending cops and robbers.  Byron Warnken has represented not only criminal defendants, but police officers in more than 35 different agencies in Maryland and throughout the country.  This has included those in Baltimore City and Baltimore County.  Warnken says his experience representing police gives him a unique ability to represent criminal defendants in Baltimore.

Baltimore Criminal Lawyers

In addition to handling high profile criminal cases in Baltimore, Professor Warnken has taught, either at University of Baltimore, or in his various bar review courses, numerous high powered Baltimore criminal defense lawyers.  Examples include:

  • Margaret Mead
  • Ken Ravenell
  • Mark Zayon
  • Clarke Ahlers
  • Andy Alperstein
  • Larry Nathans
  • Janice Bledsoe
  • Ray Atkins
  • Brian Deleanardo
  • Scott Schellenberger
  • Robin Coffin
  • Todd Mohink
  • Colleen Kirby
  • Steve Silverman
  • Flynn Owens
  • Tim Mitchell
  • Larry Polen

Criminal Case in Baltimore

If you are seeking representation for a criminal case in Baltimore, call the Warnken firm now.  Use the experience to benefit yourself in your Baltimore criminal case.  Call 443-921-1100