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Notable Cases – 2011

Below are links and introductions for notable 2011 Maryland criminal cases, brought to you by Baltimore criminal lawyer and law professor Byron L. Warnken.

  • Anderson v. State

    Evidence – Hearsay – Medical Records Exception The Defendant was convicted of the sexual abuse of a minor after trial in Circuit Court.  During trial, the State admitted the written report of doctor, made after examining the victim and over the objection of Defendant’s counsel, which was intended for the investigating officer in the case.  […]

  • Hill v. State – Confessions and Improper Inducement

    Hill v. State, 418 Md. 62 (2011).             Confessions – Improper Inducements The case ultimately relies on the two prong test from the 1979 Maryland case Hilliard.  The opinion is here. The Defendant was suspected of sexually abusing victim.  Defendant agreed to an interview at the police station.  During the interview a detective told the […]

  • Mansfield v. State – Fifth Amendment Case from Maryland

    Mansfield v. State, 422 Md. 269 (2011).             Fifth Amendment – Double Jeopardy             The Defendant was on trial for the commission of a sexual offense against a minor.  The Defendant elected a jury trial, which was conducted before a trial judge that had previously presided over a jury trial of the Defendant in which […]

  • Moore v. State

    Moore v. State, 422 Md. 516 (2011).             Confessions – Voluntariness – Prompt Presentment Baltimore criminal lawyer Paul DeWolfe, of the public defender’s office, handled the case for Rodney Moore.             The jury convicted Petitioner of first degree murder and related offenses.  Petitioner conceded that the State’s evidence was sufficient to establish that he committed […]

  • Robinson v. State – Miranda Case

    Robinson v. State, 419 Md. 602 (2011).             Fifth Amendment – Miranda Police arrived at the scene of a shooting to find that Victim had been shot three times.  Police observed Defendant getting into a white van.  Police questioned Defendant, who admitted to being Victim’s girlfriend.  Defendant also stated that she and Victim had been […]

  • Stabb v. State – Beyond a Reasonable Doubt

    Stabb v. State, 423 Md. 454 (2011).             Jury Instructions – “Anti-CSI” Instruction The Court of Appeals addressed the “anti-CSI” jury instruction “to provide additional guidance to Bench and Bar.”  The Court first noted that since Atkins, “there have been published or made available no additional empirical studies that convince us that a ‘CSI effect’ […]

  • State v. Daughtrey – Plea Agreements – Voluntariness

    State v. Daughtrey, 419 Md. 35 (2011).              Plea Agreements – Voluntariness Defendant pled guilty to murder, robbery, robbery with a deadly weapon, and use of a handgun in the commission of a crime of violence, receiving a sentence of life, suspend all but 30 years, in exchange for his testimony against Co-Defendant.  At the […]

  • Thomas v. State – Prior Convictions

    Thomas v. State, 422 Md. 67 (2011).             Evidence – Impeachment with Prior Conviction (Case should not be confused with the 2012 Maryland case of Thomas v. State, a case about Miranda and confessions.) Petitioner was convicted in trial court of carrying a handgun.  Petitioner appealed his conviction and asked the Court of Special Appeals […]

  • Wilson v. State – Imperfect Self-Defense

    Wilson v. State, 422 Md. 533 (2011).             Jury Instructions – Imperfect Self-Defense & Rule of Provocation The jury convicted Petitioner of first degree murder and related offenses, including use of a handgun in the commission of a crime of violence.  Petitioner concedes that the State’s evidence was sufficient to establish those offenses, but argues […]