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Archives : Criminal Law

An Update on My Treatise

Post also published on Things are moving right along.  My treatise is complete.  Editing is complete.  Indexes are complete.  Intros are complete.  Typos are fixed.  The Foreword is in.  The Library of Congress knows about it.  Covers have been picked.  The formatting is nearly complete. As promised recently, Maryland Criminal Procedure will go to the printer in […]

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An Update on the Book

On Thursday or perhaps Friday, the last of my treatise, Maryland Criminal Procedure, will go to the publisher.  The publisher is 27Legal, LLC, owned by my son, Byron B. Warnken, Esq.  Having Byron publish the book gives me significantly more flexibility to do some of the things I want to do with the book. I […]

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What We Are Not

Three nights ago, a story was related to me.  A woman had gotten a DUI, her first.  She started by sharing relating how she had driven drunk many times and had not been caught.  She said she knew she had a drinking problem, and was seeking help.  She had been going to Alcoholics Anonymous meetings. […]

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Public Defender or Private Attorney

A frightening report by Mother Jones came out yesterday.  The article highlights how overworked public defenders are.  Any lawyer will tell you just how difficult it is to give the proper amount of time and attention to every case.  This is especially true for criminal lawyers.  At Warnken, LLC, we try to limit the number […]

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New Site Page: Criminal Lawyers in Baltimore

Experience Matters There are few criminal lawyers in Baltimore with more experience than Professor Byron L. Warnken.  Warnken got his start teaching criminal law at the University of Baltimore in the late 1970′s.  He has seen a lot of change in Baltimore over time.  Warnken was around before Harborplace, when the waterfront wasn’t somewhere you […]

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