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Published Opinion Win in Fourth Circuit

This past week saw a Warnken, LLC win in the Fourth Circuit.  The opinion can be found here. The appeal came from a criminal case out of the United States District Court in Greenbelt.  The opinion was unanimous. The win came in the first argument before the Court for Byron B. Warnken.

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Fourth Circuit Briefs

Our office just finished a month worth of work on a Fourth Circuit appeal relating to federal sentencing.  As fast as our workers’ compensation practice and our law enforcement practice are growing, we still handle a fair amount of appellate work.  Issues in this particular case related to the sentencing guidelines, breach of a plea […]

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Warnken Featured Nationally

With Tea Party groups about to sue the Internal Revenue Service, there has been much question about succeeding in lawsuits against the Federal Government.  How can you sue the Federal Government?  Can lawsuits against the Government win?  What’s the best way to win a lawsuit against the Federal Government? Warnken, LLC does not have many […]

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James Nichols and Warnken, LLC Win Big in the 4th Circuit

Who says you can’t win in the 4th Circuit? In United States v. Moore, the Fourth Circuit concluded that when the false testimony is used by the Government to bar the defendant from presenting a viable defense, a new trial is required.  The decision came down last Friday.   At trial, the Government preemptively sought […]

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