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Fourth Circuit Briefs

Our office just finished a month worth of work on a Fourth Circuit appeal relating to federal sentencing.  As fast as our workers’ compensation practice and our law enforcement practice are growing, we still handle a fair amount of appellate work.  Issues in this particular case related to the sentencing guidelines, breach of a plea agreement, and illegal sentences at the federal level.  It was a lot of work.  We almost always have done our own filing at the end of our appeals.  We’ve always used a local printer who has done a good job.  We pick up and do what we need to comply with filing procedures.  This time, we went with a Fourth Circuit brief printing company.  The results were spectacular.

We highly recommend May Serafim and Lantagne Legal printing in Richmond.  May and her team did an excellent job with all phases.  First, we had some questions about the joint appendix.  May was knowledgable and experienced.  Second, there were some issues with the JA table of contents.  May handled it right away.  Lantagne was always timely with proofs.  When they said they were going to do something, they did it.  May and her team compiled all of the tables.  Finally, the cost was reasonable.

Perhaps most importantly, May was an absolute pleasure to deal with.  She is kind and a pleasure to talk to.  If you need Fourth Circuit brief printing services, we recommend May and her team without hesitation.