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With Tea Party groups about to sue the Internal Revenue Service, there has been much question about succeeding in lawsuits against the Federal Government.  How can you sue the Federal Government?  Can lawsuits against the Government win?  What’s the best way to win a lawsuit against the Federal Government?

Warnken, LLC does not have many civil cases against the Federal Government.  We have criminal cases against the Federal Government.  We have succeeded in lawsuits and appeals against the Feds.  The article on San Antonio’s WOAI’s website says that Warnken, LLC has only prevailed against the Federal Government one time.  We have succeeded multiple times in appellate litigation.

Can the various Tea Party groups suing the Government and the Internal Revenue Service prevail?  Of course they can prevail.  Will they prevail?  At Warnken, LLC, we doubt it.

Suing state governments or local governments we have always found to be easier.  We have succeeded against State and Local Government numerous times.