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Criminal Appeals

Please Note:  Our attorneys fees in criminal appeals will be at least $50,000.  The entire fee must be paid up-front.  No exceptions are made.

Criminal Appeals Lawyers in Maryland

Warnken, LLC, is one of the top criminal appeals law firms in Maryland.  We have had successes for more than 20 years.  When it comes to Baltimore Criminal Appeals Lawyers, many say that this Firm is as good as it gets.  If you seek a lawyer for a criminal appeal, please call us now.  443-921-1100

In the criminal appeals of Warnken, LLC, the Firm almost always represents a convicted Defendant, as Appellant, attempting to “overturn” the conviction, which, if successful, gives the State the opportunity to retry the Defendant.  On rare occasion, the Defendant prevails in a pre-trial suppression motion, the State appeals, and the Firm represents the Defendant, as Appellee.  The Firm’s criminal appeals typically involve the following kinds of cases:

  • Murder & Attempted Murder
  • Manslaughter
  • Fraud, Securities Fraud, & Mortgage Fraud
  • Rape & Sexual Offenses
  • Child Physical Abuse & Child Sexual Abuse
  • Drug Offenses Ranging from Possession to Drug Kingpin
  • Burglary & Theft
  • Assault & Battery
  • Solicitation & Conspiracy
  • Medicare & Medicaid Fraud
  • Handgun Appeals
  • Illegality of a Guilty Plea
  • Illegality of a Sentence
  • Ineffective Assistance of Counsel
  • Pre-Trial Suppression Motion

Sample of Convictions Overturned by the Court of Appeals

Warnken, LLC, has had multiple criminal appeals, in which the Firm (1) was not trial counsel, (2) was appellate counsel in the CSA, lost in the CSA, then persuaded the COA to grant certiorari (which happens about one time in seven), won the appeal in the COA, and retried the case on remand to the Circuit Court.

In one such successful appeal (7-to-0), the Defendant was convicted of first degree murder and was sentenced to life without parole plus five years.  The Firm won the appeal based on a violation of the marital privilege.  On remand, we obtained a “not guilty” verdict on first degree murder and he was sentenced to 30 years for second degree murder.  He is eligible for parole in 2010.

In one such successful appeal (5-to-2), the Defendant was convicted of solicitation to murder a Circuit Court judge and a prosecutor and was sentenced to two 20-year concurrent sentences.  The Firm won the appeal based on an undisclosed jury note.  On remand, we negotiated a plea that resulted in a sentence of ten years.

In another such successful appeal (5-to-2), the Defendant was convicted of attempted murder and sentenced to 50 years.  The Firm prevailed for the Defendant in the COA based on a denial of the right to compulsory process.  On remand, we obtained a “not guilty” verdict on all counts.

Sample of Convictions Overturned by the CoSA

The Firm won a CSA appeal from Charles County, reversing a drug distribution conviction and 60-year sentence, based on a faulty “reasonable doubt” jury instruction, even though trial counsel failed to object to that jury instruction.

The Firm won a CoSA appeal from Baltimore County, reversing a first degree murder conviction and life without parole sentence, based on denial of rebuttal evidence.

The Firm won a CoSA appeal from Montgomery County, reversing a reckless endangerment conviction, based on a duplicitous charging document.

The Firm won a CoSA appeal from Anne Arundel County, reversing drug kingpin convictions and 25-year sentences for co-Defendants, based on inadmissible prior bad acts evidence.

The Firm won a CoSA appeal from Talbot County, reversing a conviction for reckless endangerment, assault and battery, and handgun possession, and a five-year sentence, based on insufficiency of the evidence and improper joinder of offenses.   Because of succeeding on severance, on remand, there were two trials.  The Firm negotiated both cases into one combined guilty plea of “time served,” with the right to argue for probation before judgment (PBJ).  We then persuaded the trial court to grant PBJ, and our client now has no criminal record.

More Convictions Overturned by the Court of Special Appeals

The Firm won a Court of Special Appeals case in Anne Arundel County.  The win reversed a drug distribution conviction based on illegal search and seizure.

The Firm won a CoSA appeal from Baltimore County based on insufficient evidence.  The overturned conviction was for burglary.

After convincing the CoSA to grant application for leave to appeal, the Firm then won that appeal.  The win caused a guilty plea to be undone.

The Firm won a CoSA appeal from Caroline County.  It was also a case where application for leave to appeal was granted and a guilty plea was vacated.

Sample Appeals in Supreme Court of the United States

Warnken, LLC, has been involved in seven appeals in the Supreme Court.  In one, Professor Warnken was appointed by the Supreme Court to represent the Respondent in Maryland v. Wilson on a Fourth Amendment search and seizure issue.  Opposing counsel were Maryland Attorney General J. Joseph Curran and United States Attorney General Janet Reno, in her only appearance before the Court.

In 1995, Professor Warnken was one of three counsel on an amicus brief (“friend of the court” brief) in support of the 9-to-0 win for the Petitioners in Koon & Powell v. United States, which is better known as “the Rodney King case.”

In 1990, Professor Warnken wrote the Respondent’s Brief and sat at counsel table in Maryland v. Craig.  Although losing 5-4 in the Supreme Court, we won 7-to-0 on remand to the COA.  (Maryland’s statute was more favorable for the defense position than the 6th amendment was.)

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