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Attorneys for PI and Workers’ Compensation Referrals in Maryland

Warnken, LLC accepts referrals from both in-state attorneys and out-of-state attorneys in workers’ compensation and personal injury cases.  We take great pride in the fact that more than a dozen firms regularly refer us new comp and injury cases.

We can call your referral or you can have your referral call us.  Either way works for us.  If your referral calls us, please ensure you reach out to us to let us know.  You can call directly at 443-921-1100.  Once you begin working with a specific attorney at Warnken, LLC on a referral, you will have direct access to that attorney.

We treat referring attorneys the way we treat clients … we clearly lay out the relationship up-front, then deliver on our promises.

Referral Fees

We commonly pay a one-third (1/3) referral or co-counsel fee to referring lawyers.  This is all subject to the below:

Whether you need workers’ compensation lawyers in Maryland who pay referral fees or personal injury lawyers who pay referral fees, we should be able to assist.  In Maryland, the rule on fee splitting/fee-sharing/referral fees is as follows:

Rule 1.5(e)

Rule 1.5(e): A division of a fee between lawyers who are not in the same firm may be made only if:

  1. The division is in proportion to the services performed by each lawyer or each lawyer assumes joint responsibility for the representation;
  2. The client agrees to the joint representation and the agreement is confirmed in writing; and
  3. The total fee is reasonable.

Our attorneys assure that the rules are complied with when undertaking a PI or workers’ comp referral from another attorney.  Therefore, in essence, to have a referral fee paid in a Maryland case, the referring attorney must assume responsibility and the client must know and agree, it must be memorialized in writing, and the total fee must be reasonable.

We generally pay one-third of our total legal fee to the referring attorney.  We never have a problem with complying with the rules with that fee.

Not Just the Fee, Communication

In the cases we refer to other attorneys, we like to know that all rules are being complied with and that we will be paid our referral fee.  We also like communication.  We want to know what’s happening with the case.  We want communication.  This doesn’t necessarily mean we need to be copied on every single piece of correspondence (though some of our referee lawyers do this), but it does mean general knowledge.  Because this is what we like when we refer cases, this is what we do when cases are referred to us – we provide updates on significant happenings in the case.

We Value Trust

When you refer a case to us, it means you are placing your trust in us.  You are asking a potential client to place his or her trust in us.  We do not take this lightly.

If you need a Baltimore lawyer for a PI or workers’ compensation referral, we would like to be your firm.  We are based in Baltimore but go all over the state of Maryland.

Please call us at 443-921-1100.