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Will Drafting

Everyone needs a will.  Even those with limited assets, with no need for tax planning, with few or no heirs.  Some may believe that because most assets are titled jointly, titled as tenants by the entirety, or because assets and accounts are automatically transferred upon death (TOD), they do not need a will.  This is not the case.

Invariably, there is property not otherwise accounted for at the time of death.  A will distributes this property according to the wishes of the deceased.  A will can also dictate burial wishes.  Even though the policy controls, wills can address life insurance if the asset is titled properly.

Importantly, you can also decide who is in charge when you die.  This person is called a personal representative.

Getting a will drafted and executed is a fairly easy process.  Easier than most people think.  We send you an estate planning questionaire, you complete it and come in to discuss anything you would like to discuss or get counsel about, we then prepare the documents, then you come in to execute them.

In addition, everyone should have an advance directive and a durable power of attorney.  Warnken, LLC can advise you of everything you need.  Feel free to call us at 443-921-1100.