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Back Injury – Workers’ Compensation

How Much are Back Injury Cases Worth in Workers’ Compensation?

This video discuss averages values of workers’ compensation back injury cases.  Please understand … no two cases are the same.  Your case could be worth far less or far more.  Get a good workers’ comp lawyer to help you assess how much you case is worth.


Video’s transcript is below…

How much is my worker’s compensation back injury case worth? What is the average payout for a back injury in a worker’s comp setting, okay? So what I know, in Maryland industry average payout on a back case, $25,365. Our average payout for our clients, $46,529. And I’m going to talk about why that is in a second, but first, how do I get these numbers? I have the industry averages because a number of years ago, we did a study of 1.1 million claims, Maryland workers comp claims, and determined the values of specific injuries.

And then we multiply that by the inflation since that time, and that’s where we get that number from. How do we have ours? We database all of our results because we want to know what are specific adjusters doing? What are specific insurance companies doing? How tough is a given defense attorney? I mean, we are data basing these things.

This information is really important to us, because we want to maximize the value of not just back injury cases, but every case for our clients. How’s value determined in the worker’s comp setting in a back injury case. It’s complicated, okay? Because it’s based on percentage of disability on a permanent basis, and what various doctors think about your ability to do work or not.

Also, did you return to your pre-injury employment or not? Were there herniations? How permanent are the injuries, how significant are the injuries, okay? All of this goes into determining the value of a back injury case in a worker’s comp setting. One of the most significant factors in determining the value of a back injury case is who your attorney is. And the reason is some lawyers just want to settle quick, some lawyers they don’t know enough or aren’t willing to do what it takes to maximize the value of a back injury case in worker’s comp. So ask your attorney. Here’s my injuries. What’s the average that you’ve obtained in that for those injuries? And I don’t know that I just take sort of anecdotal information there, I mean, really dig in, really ask. Obviously you’re here doing the research, it’s important to you, as it should be.

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