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Lawyers for Police Representation in Maryland

Warnken, LLC has been representing cops – against their agency, in hearing boards, in show causes, in workers’ comp, in disability retirements, and everything else – for nearly 20 years.  In 1995, the Daily Record did a cover piece called “Warnken: Making a Career Defending Cops and Robbers”

Byron Warnken, Esq. said about the article, “I love representing cops.  Defending our cities – defending our safety and our freedoms – is what cops do everyday.  It’s a job so tough I have difficulty wrapping my head around it.  It’s important they have someone looking out for them.”  Asked how he can represent criminals also, he said, “I’m a lawyer.  I am an advocate.  I’m going to do that to the best of my ability no matter who my client is.”

General Counsel to the MTA

Warnken, LLC, is general counsel to the Maryland Troopers Association and its 2,400 sworn, retired, and civilian members in administrative discipline, grievances, and disability.  Warnken, LLC, has represented officers in over 30 federal, state, and local agencies.  The Firm has represented or conducted seminars for 20 law enforcement-related entities and six police departments.  Professor Warnken served as Legal Program Director for the National Law Enforcement Officers Rights Center for seven years, testifying in Congress and state legislatures, participating in Supreme Court amicus briefs, appearing on national television, conducting seminars, and serving as an expert on law enforcement matters.  Professor Warnken serves as an expert witness in police misconduct cases.

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Rebecca Smith is the primary attorney handling police officer representation for Warnken, LLC.  Law Enforcement or Public Safety should call 443-921-1100 or 1-800-WARNKEN. Also feel free to email us here.

Legal Services for Police, Fire, Medical and Other Government

  • Trial Boards
  • Administrative Hearings
  • Show Cause
  • Workers’ Comp
  • Special Disability Retirement
  • Law Enforcement Officers’ Bill of Rights
  • Pensions
  • Hirings and Firings
  • Criminal Law