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Workers’ Compensation

Injured at Work?

If you have been injured at work, or hurt at work in any way, it is in your best interest to speak to an attorney about workers’ compensation.  It is possible you will not be able to file a workers’ comp claim based on various factors, but if you are able to file a claim, it is something that needs immediate attention and the benefit of a workers’ comp attorney.

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How Much Does a Workers’ Comp Claim Pay?

Without giving you a short answer, the real answer is it depends.  Workers’ compensation in Maryland depends on many different things.  How hurt are you?  Did the injury truly occur at work?  How long is the injury going to leave you out of work ?

The answers to these questions, and many more, will determine the compensation to which you are entitled.  More than that, the insurance company (like IWIF) will try to give you less than you should get.  They have to try to give you less, it’s their business.  That’s why, if you’ve been hurt at work, you need us to fight to get you the compensation you deserve.

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More Information About Workers’ Comp in Maryland

History of the Maryland Workers Compensation Act

Prior to 1914, if a Maryland employee was injured or killed on the job, the employee and the employee’s family had little remedy for medical expenses or disability.  Defenses such as the fellow servant rule, contributory negligence, and/or assumption of risk were often raised by employers.  However, in 1914, the legislature enacted the Workers’ Compensation Act (WCA), which established the Workers’ Compensation Commission (WCC). The WCA reflects a compromise between the interests of employees and employers. The WCA preamble provides: “All phases of extra-hazardous employment are withdrawn from private controversy. Relief for workers injured in extra-hazardous employments and their families and dependents are provided for, regardless of fault and to the exclusion of every other remedy.”

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The legislative intent was to protect employers from the unpredictability of litigation and protect the public from the burden of “caring for the helpless human wreckage found along the trail of modern industry.” The WCA is the exclusive remedy for injured workers. It establishes compensation schedules that relieve the employer of the uncertainty of litigation, while removing traditional defenses.

Benefits and Questions

To Read More About Various Types Benefits and a List of Common Maryland Workers’ Comp Questions, CLICK HERE.

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