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Do I Need a Workers’ Comp Attorney?

In a word: Yes.  Read below to find out why …

Top Seven Reasons to Hire an Attorney to Assist You With Your Comp Claim


Getting Compensation

Sometimes the employer / insurer doesn’t want to pay.  The number one reason to hire a workers’ compensation attorney is to ensure that you are getting all of the medical coverage and benefits that you are entitled to.  An attorney will assist in handling all correspondence with the employer and insurer, which will allow you to focus on getting the appropriate treatment needed to recover from your injury.  The last thing you need after you sustain an injury is to worry about it the employer/insurer will cover you.


The Process is Complicated

The Workers’ Compensation process can be very complicated if you are unsure of how the process works.  An attorney will be able to guide you through the process and ensure that your rights are protected.


Attorneys Fees are Paid at the End

You do not need to pay for an attorney’s services in a workers’ compensation claim at the beginning of the representation.  Attorneys’ fees are awarded pursuant to statute, and generally are paid from the final permanent partial disability award that you may receive.


Without an Attorney, You Likely Won’t Know About PPD

The employer/insurer may not explain to you that you may be entitled to a permanent partial disability award after you have reached maximum medical improvement.  A permanent partial disability award is not automatically issued and must be requested by the injured worker.  Therefore, it is important to have representation, which can ensure that you receive all monetary benefits you are entitled to.


You Might Get Denied Without a Lawyer

In some situations, an insurer will deny coverage for necessary medical treatment, without a substantial basis.  By hiring an attorney, you can ensure that you have someone on your side to will fight to get you the treatment that is necessary so that you can recover from your work-related injury.


Your Other Benefits Might Get Cut if You Don’t Pay Attention

In some situations, you may be faced with issues related to decreased retirement benefits or Medicare set asides.  The insurer will not inform you of these issues.  An attorney can inform you before there is any impact on Medicare set asides and retirement benefits.


Did Anyone Tell You: They Might Be Watching You

It is not uncommon for an insurer to conduct surveillance upon an injured worker to ensure that you are not “faking” your injury.  Sometimes, this surveillance footage is edited to show only half of a situation.  Without an attorney, you may be denied benefits from the Workers’ Compensation Commission, who will only have half of the information it needs to make an informed decision about a claim.