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Verdicts & Settlements

Warnken, LLC attorneys have obtained more than 1000 verdicts, awards, and settlements on behalf of our clients.  Each month, we publish a sampling of these results in the successes section of our blog.

Every success we have for a client is important to us.  Below are some of our larger dollar success…

Workers’ Compensation   |   Personal Injury   |   Medical Malpractice   |   Other Lawsuits


Workers’ Compensation

$1,026,110.23 – Workers’ Compensation Lifetime Claim Value

Injured worker suffered a serious workers’ compensation injury.  The award represented multiple indemnity payments of $382,974.53, then a final indemnity payment of an additional $461,566.40.  Also included was $181,569.30 in a Medicare Set-Aside (“MSA”) to cover future medical expenses.

$998,200 – Workers’ Compensation Commission Award

Obviously, an exceedingly serious workers’ compensation injury.  The award represented $300,000 in indemnity and the remainder in an MSA to cover future medical expenses.

$419,256 – Workers’ Compensation Lifetime Claim Value

The claimant suffered significant injury to the shoulder, resulting in multiple shoulder surgeries, as well as an eventual total shoulder replacement.

$323,628 – Workers’ Compensation Commission Award

After a multi-year protracted case before the Maryland Workers’ Compensation Commission, Warnken, LLC obtained the award.  The claimant suffered injury to multiple body parts and was unable to return to work.

$239,140 – Workers’ Compensation Commission Award

This large permanent partial disability (PPD) award came on behalf of an injured worker who injured the back while working as a carpenter.  The injury was severe, resulting in lifelong, significant limitations.

$234,765 – Workers’ Compensation Commission Award

This substantial PPD award came on behalf of an injured worker who had hurt his shoulder, arm, and other body parts and was deemed to be 50% disabled by the Maryland Workers’ Compensation Commission.

$222,000 – Workers’ Compensation Commission Award

This award was obtained on behalf of an injured worker who required a four level fusion in his back – a substantial impairment to his life.

$182,786 – Workers’ Compensation Settlement

This was a settlement of a workers’ compensation appeal after a successful result before the Commission. The injured worker had multiple physical injuries.

$162,832 – Workers’ Compensation Temporary Total Disability

Our client came to us from another attorney who had not obtained temporary total disability (wage replacement) on his behalf.  We fought to get this compensation and were successful.

Confidential – Seay v. General Motors, et. al.: Wrongful Termination

Confidential settlement resolved by mutual agreement of the parties.  Case stemmed from an original action in the Circuit Court for Baltimore City, wherein a jury awarded $500,000.


Personal Injury

$1,788,000 – Personal Injury Verdict: Small v. Mass Transit Administration

Warnken, LLC served as appellate counsel in this Baltimore City case.  The plaintiff sustained serious personal injuries with significant past and future medical bills.

Confidential – Bowie v. State of Maryland, et. al.: Wrongful Death Settlement

Warnken, LLC represented the family of an inmate in the Maryland Division of Correction.  The complaint filed against various defendants alleged multiple instances of negligence.

Confidential – Mirchandani v. Colonial Manor Apts, et al.: Personal Injury Settlement

Warnken, LLC represented a woman injured in an explosion on Maryland’s Eastern Shore.

$500,000 – Personal Injury Verdict: Carol Frank v. Courtsquare, LLC, et al.

Warnken, LLC served as additional counsel in this Baltimore City case.  The case was filed in 2003 with a disposition date of late 2004.

Confidential – Vaclavik v. Loyola College in Maryland.: Failure to Provide Adequate Security

Warnken, LLC client sustained personal injuries.  Warnken, LLC filed suit in 2000 against the college for failure to provide securtiy.  The case was settled after a year and a half of litigation.

Confidential – Augustyniak, et al v. Tennant, et al.: Wrongful Death

Warnken, LLC client died as the result of car accident.  Warnken, LLC filed suit.  The lawsuit was settled under confidential terms.


Medical Malpractice

$21,000,000 – Norfleet v. Harbor Hospital: Birth Injury Verdict

Warnken, LLC served as primary appellate counsel in one the largest birth injury verdicts in Maryland’s history.  The verdict was affirmed on appeal.

Confidential – Spalt v. Mercy Medical Center: Medical Malpractice Settlement

Warnken, LLC brought suit against Mercy Medical Center for negligence.  The settlement was confidential.


Other Lawsuits

$4,129,000 – A1 Roofing, Inc. v. Gale Associates: Business Tort Verdict

Warnken, LLC served as additional counsel and as primary appellate counsel in a significant judgment in the Circuit Court for Baltimore City.  The case was originally filed in 1997 and concluded in 2000.

Confidential – Confidential v. Confidential: Significant Property Damage

Warnken, LLC settled a case for a significant sum on behalf of a client whose home was irreparably damaged by a contractor.