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Byron Warnken Injury Lawyer

Byron B. Warnken

Byron B. Warnken, Esq.

Byron B. Warnken is the managing attorney of Warnken, LLC.  He has handled cases throughout Maryland.  Byron has argued cases before the United States Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit and Maryland’s Court of Appeals and Court of Special Appeals.  The Court of Special Appeals is Maryland’s intermediate appellate court and the Court of Appeals is Maryland’s “Supreme Court.”

Byron is on the Board of Directors of the Maryland Association for Justice (formerly the Maryland Trial Lawyers’ Association).  He is also on the Board of Baltimore non-profit Mentoring Male Teens in the Hood.  Byron is the former Parent Chair of the McDonogh Fund at McDonogh School and is a member of the Dean’s Development Circle at University of Baltimore School of Law.

Personal Injury Attorney

Byron represents the seriously injured – whether they were hurt at work, on the road, or in the hospital.  Individuals are harmed or manipulated by corporations, the medical industry, and insurance companies with regularity.  It’s vital someone is able to help such individuals achieve justice.

Personal injury can include numerous specific kinds of cases.  Some of the most common are car and truck accidents, premises liability, and workers’ compensation.  However, injuries for which you need an attorney might also include nursing home abuse and neglect cases, medical malpractice cases, birth injury cases, consumer fraud, insurance denials and products liability cases.

If you have been wronged or hurt because of another person, a doctor or hospital, an insurance company, a corporation, or virtually anyone else, the time to consult with an injury attorney is now.

Medical Malpractice and Birth Injuries

Few things devastate a family more than being victims of medical malpractice.  Routine procedures, surgeries, or events that seriously injure patients are tragic.  Birth injuries – where a joyful process results in lifelong injuries to a child – are tragic beyond words.

Many people believe they are alone in being victims of medical malpractice.  Many think this doesn’t happen to other people.  However, medical errors, according to a Johns Hopkins 2016 study, are the third-leading cause of death in the United States.  Medical malpractice, is, unfortunately, a common occurrence.

If you, your loved one, or your child, has been the victim of medical malpractice, you should not feel alone.  There are many in your situation … we speak with them everyday.

Merely because you had a bad result in your medical procedure or event does not mean there was negligence.  Good outcomes are not guaranteed.  However, if there was a poor result that produced injuries that will change life forever, it should be investigated.  Don’t remain in the dark about what happened.

Motor Vehicle Accidents

For years, personal injury lawyers referred to car crashes as motor vehicle accidents.  However, this term is incorrect.  Car and truck collisions are crashes, and someone is almost always at fault.  Whether it’s drunk or distracted driving, carelessness, or negligence, the driver at fault needs to be held responsible.  The way it should work:

  • You get hurt because of someone else’s negligence.
  • You get paid.  Simple.  That’s it.

However, when insurance companies get involved, simple can become anything but simple.  If liability becomes an issue, or if the injuries are very serious, or if the insurance company can find any other reason under the sun, you will not get your appropriate compensation.  It’s an adversarial system and any dollar the insurance company pays out does not go to their bottom line.  CEO’s, executives, and shareholders hate that.  The insurance companies have all the reason in the world to give you nothing or give you less.

You need protection from the system in the form of an attorney.  Someone needs to represent your interests.  If I’m that someone, great. If not, I will find you that someone.

Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ compensation cases do not pay injured workers nearly as much as car accidents, medical malpractice, or other personal injury.  Consequently, attorneys’ fees in comp cases are lower.  However, it’s vital to have representation in workers’ compensation cases.

Getting proper care, having medical bills paid, and receiving compensation for permanent partial disability, are all more likely with a good workers’ compensation lawyer.  Many cases start out with a positive relationship with the injured worker and the insurance adjuster only to see the relationship sour at the first sign something is wrong or some aspect of treatment is denied.

Byron also wrote a book on Maryland workers’ compensation.  The book, the Comp Pinkbook, is available on  The book is a compilation of statistics that came from the study of 284,330 Maryland workers’ comp claims.  The Comp Pinkbook lists the top 50 most common workers’ comp injuries, as well as active lawyers, the most common workers’ compensation insurers, and the most frequently seen workers’ comp doctors.  Review the book and/or call Warnken, LLC for representation and information.