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Injuries to Children

Serious injuries are always terrible.  Serious injuries to children take on a new dimension of horror, especially for parents or grandparents.  Warnken, LLC can help your family if you have had the great misfortune of watching a child sustain a serious injury.

Birth Injuries

Injuries at birth are a too common form of medical malpractice.  Birth injuries are often actually brain injuries to a baby during the birthing process.  In fact, many are the result of a lack of oxygen to the baby at some point before, during, or after birth.  Sometimes, the injury to the child is known before leaving the hospital.  Sometimes, the injury isn’t fully known for years.  Often, a parent or family knows “something just isn’t right” with their child long before cerebral palsy or other birth or brain injuries are diagnosed.  To learn more about common birth injuries, click here.

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Daycare/School Injuries

Our children are often away from us for long periods during the day.  We want to believe that the places we send our kids are always safe, always do the right thing, and are never negligent.  Unfortunately, that’s not always the case.  Instructions are not followed, mistakes are made, and children suffer.  We handle cases that result in serious, permanent injury to the child.

Kids will be kids, and sometimes fault, blame and liability cannot be attributed to someone else.  However, liability can be assessed to another more often than most people believe.  It’s best to consult with an attorney anytime a child suffers serious, permanent injury.

Trampoline Park Injuries

A growing trend has been the proliferation of trampoline parks.  And, unfortunately, a growing trend among children has been trampoline park injuries.  Just because a parent signed a waiver does not mean there is no case against the trampoline park.  Read our trampoline park lawsuits page for some more information.


One of the most horrific injuries that can occur is the drowning death of a child.  A near-drowning is often just as horrific.  Deprivation of oxygen, before causing death, can cause serious brain injury.

Pursuing a case against someone or something responsible for a tragedy can extend and prolong the pain and suffering.  However, it’s often a necessary if not evil part of the process.  Those who live with the injuries must be compensated, if only to not go bankrupt themselves.  Those who represent those who have passed need to speak for those who are gone.  We must all do what we can to remove preventable tragedy from society.

Other Injuries to Children

It’s the most painful thing in life – serious injury to a child or the death of a child.  Though we are parents, we cannot pretend to understand the pain you are experiencing.  The only thing we can promise is compassion and zealous advocacy for your family.

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