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A Love Letter to Jim Lanier

If you want to know where to find Jim Lanier, look on the side that is right and that is just.  Jim Lanier’s compass points in right direction.  In 2018, when Jim joined Warnken, LLC, I knew we had just made an important addition to the workers’ comp team. Not long after, Jim was a […]

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Key Bridge Collapse – Lawyers and Potential Causes of Action

As a lifelong Baltimore resident, news of the Key Bridge Collapse is devastating.  This is true from a number of angles. First and foremost, the loss of life is horrific.  Our hearts go out to the families impacted.  Their lives will never be the same and twenty years from now, when others reminisce on the […]

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In Q1 2023, Warnken, LLC Recovered $3,825,943.71 for Our Injured Clients

We continue the tradition of posting our results so you can see what cases of various injury types are worth. Please remember, when considering your personal injury, medical malpractice, workers’ compensation, or car crash case – no two matters are ever the same and our successes in the past don’t guarantee success in your case. […]

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$31,957,424.21 Recovered for Our Injured Clients in 2022

I am completely blown away.  I really am.  I’d almost say that I’m in shock.  Warnken, LLC recovered $31,957,424 million dollars for our injured clients in 2022. Thirteen years ago, I moved back home to Baltimore from Minnesota, where I had been for five years.  I was excited to get out of the cold, excited […]

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In November and December of 2022, Warnken, LLC Recovered $3,709,347.29 for more than 60 Injured Clients

10 of the 60+ Cases Resulted in Recoveries of More than $100,000 Below, you will see the November and December results.  We’re proud of our work on behalf of the injured.  Whether you were injured on the road, at work, or in the hospital, we’d love to have the chance to help you. Please remember, […]

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October 2022 – Last month’s results: Warnken, LLC Recovered $724,317.49 for 30 Injured Clients

Warnken, LLC had a slow month by Warnken, LLC standards, recovering slightly less than three quarters of a million dollars for our injured clients. Obviously, we were significantly slower than September, our record month, with recoveries of more than $11 million. Last month’s results are below. Remember – we never promise specific results or specific […]

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September 2022 – Last month’s Results: Warnken, LLC Recovered $11,352,323.54 for 48 Injured Clients

Warnken, LLC concluded forty-five cases in September 2022. No two cases are ever the same.  Please don’t think your case will necessarily produce the same recovery.  Some case details have been withheld because of confidentiality agreements.  Some cases were handled with co-counsel. Please seek an attorney for your medical malpractice, car crash, or workers’ compensation […]

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Warnken, LLC Welcomes Angelica Carliner

Angelica Carliner has joined Warnken, LLC from another well-respected Baltimore personal injury law firm. She brings years of experience specifically in negligence work, Warnken, LLC’s fastest growing practice area. As Angelica Carliner’s bio reveals, she is a Baltimore native. She has extensive experience handling auto crash injury cases and other personal injury matters.  She handles […]

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August 2022 – Last month’s Results: Warnken, LLC Recovered $1,842,319.30 for 48 Injured Clients

Warnken, LLC once again recovered nearly two million dollars for our injured clients last month. Forty-eight cases concluded, either permanently, or, in the case of some workers’ comp cases, for now. Of the 48, five cases resulted in recoveries to the injured client in excess of $100,000. Please remember, when considering your personal injury, workers’ […]

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443-RESULTS: Warnken, LLC

Warnken, LLC has just announced an easy to remember phone number … 443-RESULTS! It’s not just a phone number to us.  Our mission is results and communication.  Clients deserve to know what’s going on and clients deserve the best possible results. Delivering on the mission is a big part of the reason why we have […]

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Straight Talk from a Baltimore Lawyer: What You Need to Know about Fake ID s

The fake ID industry is booming. With the help of sites like idgod and King Forge, it has never been easier to get a fake ID that looks real without breaking the bank. But there are consequences for using fake IDs in Maryland - namely fines, jail time and other penalties which can lead to an arrest record. So what do lawyers say about fake IDs? Heres some straight talk from Baltimore criminal defense attorney, Chris Morolake: "If youre caught with one or more fake IDs, you will be charged criminally."