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Important Information for Washington D.C.Truck and Delivery Drivers

Do you drive a van, box truck, or similar type of vehicle?  Do you drive “most” of your route in Washington, D.C.? If so . . . Do you regularly work over 40 hours per week? If so . . . Are you getting paid your overtime? If not . . . Then, under the […]

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Get More Information About Lawsuits Against moves fast.  It’s why many customers buy from Amazon.  But moving fast in the warehouse and moving fast on the road come with injuries.  Whether it’s personal injury lawsuits against Amazon drivers or Amazon contractors, or workers’ compensation actions against Amazon, Warnken, LLC can help you. These are the cases we do routinely.  Please […]

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New Site Page: Maryland’s 2021 Workers’ Comp Rates

This page contains the workers’ compensation rates for Maryland in 2021.  If your injury occurred in 2020 or 2019, go to those pages. Every year, the Maryland workers’ compensation rates are (supposed to be) adjusted for inflation.  For 2021, the rates are as follows: Temporary Total Disability – 2/3 of the average weekly wage, not to exceed $1,050/week […]

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