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Andrew Mazan

Andrew Mazan represents the injured.  Andrew advocates on the behalf of injured workers in the Baltimore area, and all around Maryland.  Some lawyers turn down cases because they might involve complex issues, research, or less-than-perfect facts.  That’s where Andrew likes to work.  He is a firm believer that everyone deserves representation, whether the individual sustained a minor sprain or strain or a catastrophic injury.  Andrew knows that all injuries have an effect on the individual’s lifestyle and that effect can lead to lifelong difficulties.   Andrew handles cases in front of the Workers’ Compensation Commission and in Circuit Courts throughout the state.

In addition to workers’ compensation, Andrew Mazan also handles other personal injury cases, “third-party” cases relating to workers’ compensation, and trampoline park lawsuits.  Andrew enjoys exploring any angle that will benefit his clients.

Andrew is a Baltimore native, although he has lived throughout the country.  His life experiences provide for empathetic and diligent representation.  Andrew graduated from the University of Baltimore School of Law and now resides in Baltimore.  In his downtime, Andrew enjoys traveling, live music, food, and yoga.