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$692,638.68 Recovered for the Injured by Warnken, LLC in February

Warnken, LLC recovered nearly $700,000 in about 30 different cases in February.  These recoveries were from personal injury and workers’ compensation cases, and represent either a final settlement of the claim, or a “for this part of the claim” recovery.  See the list of results below.  Please remember, every workers’ compensation, motor vehicle collision, or personal injury case is different.  Merely because your case might be similar to another case, does not mean it’s worth the same.  Your case could have lower or higher value for a number of reasons.


  • Injury: Lumbar strain with radiculopathic features
  • Body Part: Back
  • Amount: $20,000.00
  • Employer: Charleston Grove, LLC
  • Location: Waldorf, MD
  • Claimant was injured after lifting a heavy patient at work. Claimant was treated with therapy and medication.


  • Injury: Rotator cuff tear
  • Body Part: Shoulder
  • Amount: $26,325.00
  • Employer: Maryland State Police
  • Location: Sykesville, MD
  • Claimant was injured during agility training. Claimant underwent surgery to repair the rotator cuff.


  • Injury: Lumbar strain and hip sprain
  • Body Part: Back and left hip
  • Amount: $21,900.00
  • Employer: Maryland State Police
  • Claimant was involved in a motor vehicle collision. Claimant was treated with therapy and was able to continue employment.


  • Injury: TFCC Complex Tear
  • Body Part: Right wrist
  • Amount: $17,550.00
  • Employer: Worcester County Sheriff’s Office
  • Claimant was injured while handling the K-9 for the police department. Claimant was treated with therapy. Surgery was recommended but Claimant decided not to proceed with surgery at this time.


  • Injury: Disfigurement
  • Body Part: Hand and thigh
  • Amount: $549.00
  • Location: Cambridge, MD
  • Claimant was bitten by a dog while delivering packages. Claimant was treated with anti-biotics and stitches.


  • Injury: Torn meniscus and labral strain
  • Body Part: Right knee and right hip
  • Amount: $12,005 (over life of claim total $29,835.00)
  • Employer: Maryland State Police
  • Location: Pikesville, MD
  • Claimant was injured after slipping and falling at work. Claimant reopened the claim for additional physical therapy.


  • Injury: Concussion and C4-6 disc bulging
  • Body Part: Neck and head
  • Amount: $25,125.00
  • Location: Baltimore, MD
  • Claimant was injured after being struck in the head with a heavy object. Claimant was treated for a concussion and received injections to the neck.


  • Injury: Status post left shoulder replacement
  • Body Part: Left Shoulder
  • Amount: $200,000.00 plus MSA of $27,192.47 (total indemnity paid prior to this was $192,063.68)
  • Employer: Perryville Cold Storage
  • Location: Perryville, MD
  • Claimant was injured after falling from a ladder. Claimant underwent multiple surgeries and a total shoulder replacement.


  • Injury: Concussion and neck sprain
  • Body Part: Head and neck
  • Amount: $7,320.00
  • Employer: Archdiocese of Baltimore
  • Location: Baltimore, MD
  • Claimant was injured after being struck by another person in the head and neck. Claimant underwent therapy and returned to pre-injury employment.


  • Injury: Rotator Cuff Tear and cervical disc herniation
  • Body Part: Neck and left shoulder
  • Amount: $17,135.00
  • Employer: Giant Food
  • Location: Westminster, MD
  • Claimant was injured after tripping at work. Claimant has fusion surgery on the neck. Surgery was recommended for the shoulder, but the Claimant elected not to proceed at this time.


  • Injury: Peroneal nerve entrapment
  • Body Part: Leg
  • Employer: Mid-Atlantic Air
  • Location: Near Washington D.C.
  • Amount:          $40,725.93
  • Claimant was at work installing HVAC systems on a construction job when their leg went through a ventilation hole and twisted. Claimant was treated with physical therapy, a nerve conduction study and a function capacity evaluation. Surgery was considered but ultimately was avoided.


  • Injury: Rotator Cuff Fraying
  • Body Part: Shoulder
  • Employer: State of Maryland
  • Location: Wicomico County
  • Amount: $8,600.00
  • Claimant was at work moving and shifting stacks of touch screen voting equipment and sustained a shoulder injury that worsened a preexisting rotator cuff tear. Claimant underwent arthroscopic surgery and physical therapy.


  • Injury: SLAP tear
  • Body Part: Shoulder
  • Location: Frederick, MD
  • Amount: $31,025.00
  • Claimant sustained a shoulder injury lifting a banana tree at work. Claimant underwent arthroscopic surgery and physical therapy.


  • Injury: Radial Head Fracture
  • Body Part: Arm/Elbow; Hand/Wrist
  • Employer: Megabus
  • Amount: $7,480.00
  • Claimant slipped and fell during the course of employment as a bus driver. Xrays revealed a fractured elbow.  The arm was placed in a sling.  Physical therapy was performed for both the elbow and sprained wrist.


  • Injury: Burns to legs and foot
  • Body Part: Legs, Foot
  • Amount: $5,040.00
  • Claimant sustained chemical burns from a commercial kitchen cleaning agent. The burns left permanent scars.



  • Injury: Shoulder Impingement Syndrome; Knee sprain
  • Body Part: Shoulder, Knee
  • Employer: State of Maryland
  • Location: Baltimore, MD
  • Amount: $9,150.00
  • Claimant was sitting in a chair at work when it collapsed. Claimant was treated with physical therapy and a knee brace.


  • Injury: Sprain/Strain, contusion
  • Body Part: Head, Leg, Ankle, Arm, Neck
  • Location: Baltimore, MD
  • Amount: $8,900.00
  • As a result of a motor vehicle collision the Plaintiff underwent one month of physical therapy.


  • Injury: Fracture
  • Body Part: Finger, Rib Cage
  • Employer: Capital Health Care Assoc.
  • Location: Silver Spring, MD
  • Amount: $5,026.25
  • Claimant slipped and fell while taking the trash out of a patient’s home. XRays revealed fractured ribs and pinky finger.  Claimant was treated with splinting and medication.


  • Injury: Sprain/strain
  • Body Part: Shoulder, Neck
  • Employer: The Chimes
  • Amount: $6,020.00
  • Claimant sustained neck and shoulder injuries after lifting heavy equipment at work. Claimant was treated with physical therapy and medications.


  • Injury: Meniscus Tear
  • Body Part: Knee
  • Employer: Home Health Connections
  • Location: Washington, DC Metro
  • Amount: $4,000.00
  • Claimant sustained a knee injury in a slip and fall. The necessary medical treatment was physical therapy and an injection.


  • Injury: Sprain
  • Body Part: Shoulder
  • Employer: Leonard Paper Co.
  • Location: Baltimore, MD
  • Amount: $5,550.00
  • Claimant sustained a shoulder injury while lifting and turning the handle of an electric jack. Claimant was treated with sessions of physical therapy.


  • Injury: Partial rotator cuff and labral tear
  • Body Part: Shoulder
  • Employer: Amazon
  • Location: Baltimore, MD
  • Amount: $47,000
  • Claimant sustained a shoulder injury after removing boxes from a conveyor belt. After undergoing arthroscopic surgery, the Claimant required a cortisone injection and physical therapy.


  • Injury: Bilateral Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Body Part: Both hands/wrists
  • Amount:          $26,325
  • Claimant suffered pain in her wrists due to repetitive motions in her job, including typing and using a tablet. Claimant underwent surgery on both wrists to release the carpal tunnel, followed by at home physical therapy.  Claimant returned to the same job at the same employer.



  • Injury:              Plantar Fasciitis
  • Body Part:        Right foot
  • Amount:          $6,000
  • Claimant sustained injures to his foot while working in a warehouse position. Claimant had injections in his heel followed by physical therapy.  Claimant was released back to work on a full-duty status.


  • Injury:              Back pain/bulging disc
  • Body Part:        Lower Back
  • Amount:          $16,250
  • Claimant sustained an injury to his lower back when he slipped down a few steps. Claimant underwent conservative treatment including physical therapy.  Claimant was released to work on a full-duty status.


  • Injury: Ankle and Leg Fractures
  • Body Part: Right Ankle/Foot and Left Ankle/Foot
  • Amount: $51,450.00.  Permanent Partial Disability
  • Location: Harford County
  • Employer: John W. Brawner Construction Co., Inc.
  • Claimant’s legs and feet were run over by a ten-ton construction vehicle. The Claimant had emergency surgery to repair a right ankle fracture.  An open reduction and internal fixation of the right ankle was performed.  Claimant also underwent a left ankle open peroneus longus tenolysis and repair of the peroneus brevis tendon.  After recovery, Claimant returned back to work with permanent restrictions for the same employer, but in a different position.



  • Injury:             July 15, 2017
  • Body Part: Shoulder
  • Amount: $30,000.00.  Settlement of a denied claim while on appeal
  • Location: Baltimore County
  • Employer: Back River Pre Cast, Inc.
  • Claimant alleged a right shoulder injury while working. The Commission denied the claim and Claimant filed an appeal.  While on appeal, the claim was settled for a total amount of $30,000.00.


  • Injury:             Ankle from slip and fall on a wet floor.
  • Body Part: Left Ankle
  • Amount: $11,500.00.  Settlement
  • Location: Calvert County
  • Employer: New Bern Transport Corp.
  • Medical care was conservative, with rest and immobilization. No surgery was recommended or performed.  Claimant returned to work full duty with no restrictions with a different employer, but doing similar work.


  • Body Part: Ankle
  • Amount: $13,687.50.  Stipulation for permanent partial disability
  • Location: Prince George’s County
  • Employer: Maryland National Park Police
  • Claimant sustained injury to the ankle during a training session while working as a law enforcement officer. Medical care was conservative, with rest and immobilization.  No surgery was recommended or performed.  Claimant returned to work full duty with no restrictions back to the same duty assignment.


  • Injury: Client was struck in the face and head by a student while breaking up a fight.
  • Body Part: Head/Neurological/Headaches, Neck, Psychological
  • Amount: $11,000.00.  Permanent partial disability award
  • Location: Baltimore County
  • Employer: Baltimore County Public Schools
  • Claimant was a teacher. Sustained post-traumatic headaches, vestibular disorder, memory loss, imbalance and post-traumatic stress disorder.  After care and counselling, Claimant returned to work as a high school teacher for the same school system.

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Warnken, LLC Attorneys At Law

Warnken, LLC started more than 20 years ago.  The firm’s founder, Byron L. Warnken, Esq., has been an attorney for more than 40 years.  He is also a full-time law professor at the University of Baltimore School of Law.  In the early 1990’s, Warnken, LLC consisted of Byron L. Warnken and his wife Bonnie L. Warnken, who handled mostly medical malpractice and personal injury cases.  In 1997, the firm began to expand, with more lawyers being hired to handle the work associated with representing the Maryland Troopers Association.  Since then, the MTA has been a focus for Warnken, LLC.  Warnken, LLC also has a reputation throughout the State for success in personal injury and workers’ compensation cases.

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Workers’ compensation is by far the fastest growing practice area at Warnken, LLC.  A decade ago, Warnken, LLC had less than 20 comp files at any given time a few years ago.  Today there are more than 500.  Some of the best workers’ compensation lawyers in Baltimore practice law at Warnken, LLC

Our comp practice grew from serving law enforcement.  Being one of the most dangerous jobs, police officers and other public safety employees often need counsel for workplace injuries.  In order to serve our existing clients, we gained the expertise.

Law Enforcement

Since 1997, Warnken, LLC has been general counsel to the Maryland Troopers Association.  We handle administrative discipline, trial boards, disability retirement, grievances, and generally anything else active or retired law enforcement personnel face.  We take great pride in the work.