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$599,375.50 Recovered for the Injured in June 2019

Warnken, LLC had another successful month recovering money for the injured.  Between our function as car crash attorneys and workers’ compensation attorneys, we recovered $599,375.50 for our clients in the 30 days that were June.  That’s nearly $20,000 recovered every single day.  Our law firm is constantly moving and working for our clients.  Our phones are answered 24/7 and a conversation with a lawyer who knows happens quick!  Not every case is the same, so it’s important to discuss your particular facts as soon as possible.  Below are the cases that we concluded either for now or for good last month.  Just because specific results were achieved in one case, doesn’t mean the same results will be achieved in your case.  But if we take your personal injury case, we will do our absolute best!


  • Injury: Rotator Cuff Tear and floating anchor repair
  • Body Part: shoulder
  • Amount: $120,000.00
  • Claimant reinjured the shoulder while working a job. Claimant had 4 prior shoulder surgeries and required another following this incident. Claimant has permanent work restrictions.


  • Injury: Fissuring of the labrum
  • Body Part: Hip
  • Amount: $65,000.00
  • Employer: A Maryland County Sheriff’s Office
  • Due to career as law enforcement, Claimant developed hip pain. Claimant underwent surgical repair to the hip and continued with normal work duties as a police officer.


  • Injury: Cervical strain and shoulder strain
  • Body Part: Neck and shoulder
  • Amount: $5,490.00
  • Employer: State of Maryland
  • Location: Baltimore, MD
  • Claimant tripped and fell at work. Claimant was treated with therapy and was able to continue to work.


  • Injury: Hypertension
  • Amount: $7,300.00
  • Employer: A Maryland Police Agency
  • Claimant developed hypertension due to career as a police officer. Claimant is treating with medications as a result.


  • Injury: Knee bursitis and patellofemoral syndrome
  • Body Part: Knee
  • Amount: $4,392.00
  • Employer: Baltimore County
  • Location: Towson, MD
  • Claimant tripped and fell while entering work. Claimant was seen by orthopedic specialists and had therapy.


  • Injury: Erectile Dysfunction
  • Amount: $60,000.00
  • Claimant developed prostate cancer as a result of employment. As a result of prostate cancer, developed erectile dysfunction. This resolved only the erectile dysfunction portion of the claim.


  • Injury: Chondromalacia of patellofemoral joint
  • Body Part: Knee
  • Amount: $6,862.50
  • Employer: DynoCorp International
  • Claimant was working as an airline mechanic and injured the knee climbing on an airplace wing. The Claimant was able to avoid surgery in lieu of physical therapy and injections.


  • Injury: Distal Biceps Tear
  • Body Part: Arm
  • Amount: $36,015.00
  • Location: Baltimore, MD
  • Claimant was involved in a motor vehicle accident during the course of employment resulting in a hyperextended arm. An MRI confirmed a torn biceps that required surgery.  This was followed by a course of physical therapy.


  • Injury: Scar
  • Body Part: Arm
  • Amount: $2,490.00
  • Location: Waldorf, MD
  • Employer: McDonald’s
  • Claimant was working as a cashier near the fry station and was splashed with grease on the forearm. This resulted in a small, permanent scar.


  • Injury: Strain/sprain
  • Body Part: Back
  • Amount: $5,400.00
  • Location: Glen Burnie, MD
  • Plaintiff was rear-ended at a stop sign by a negligent driver. Plaintiff was treated with chiropractic and physical therapy for whiplash injuries.


  • Injury: Laceration
  • Body Part: Foot
  • Amount: $8,800.00
  • Location: Washington, DC
  • Employer: VIP Transport East
  • Claimant was working as a warehouse manager when a co-worker raised a truck lift gate causing Claimant’s toe to be crushed. The injury required wound debridement and sutures, followed by a CAM boot and physical therapy.


  • Injury: Fracture
  • Body Part: Foot
  • Amount: $66,017.00
  • Location: Laurel, MD
  • Claimant was working as a cook and fell approximately 4-5 feet off a ladder. The Claimant underwent surgery that included hardware placement within the foot.  Claimant required substantial post-op physical therapy but was eventually able to return to work.


  • Injury: Fractures of the 3rd and 4th metatarsal bones, along with deformity of the 3rd and 5th
  • Body Part: Foot/Ankle
  • Amount:          $7,750.00
  • Claimant sustained an injury to the foot/ankle after an injury from a pallet jack. Claimant was treated with a nerve block, a walking boot and cane.  Claimant underwent additional conservative treatment and was ultimately released to the same job at the same employer.


  • Injury: Concussion
  • Body Part: Head
  • Amount:          $3,520.00
  • Claimant was working for a package deliver company when a metal platform fell on his head. The Claimant underwent a CAT Scan, conservative treatment, and a visit with a neurologist.  Claimant was able to return to a different job with a different employer.


  • Body Part: Chest
  • Amount: $7,500.00
  • Claimant was working while mopping a floor at a restaurant. Claimant fell down, woke up with severe chest pains and was treated at the emergency room.  Claimant underwent conservative treatment and was ultimately released to the same job at the same employer.


  • Injury: Shin laceration with Subsequent Infection
  • Body Part: Leg
  • Amount:          $65,200 (Prior award of $40,200 plus new award of $25,000)
  • Claimant previously awarded $40,200 due to permanent nature of the injuries. Employer/Insurer appealed the decision.  Claimant obtained another $25,000 on the appeal.
  • Client was involved in a work-related motor vehicle collision. The claim was initially contested.  The Claimant sustained injuries to her left shoulder and back and underwent conservative care for about 1.5 months.  After resolving the contesting issues and the Client completing medical care, the parties agreed to a permanency finding of 7%, equaling $6,250.00.


  • Body Part: Shoulder and Back
  • Amount: $6,250.00 – 7% “other cases” PPD
  • Location: Baltimore City
  • Employer: Service Corporation International
  • Claimant was working at the Amazon warehouse and sustained a lifting/overuse injury to his left shoulder. The claim was initial contested.  After reaching an agreement for additional wage replacement and medical care, the claimant returned to work for another employer.  Non-surgical medical care.  Claim was settled.  Part of the settlement was the waiver of a potential lien of approximately $15,000.00.


  • Body Part: Shoulder
  • Amount: $5,000.00 + waiver of lien.
  • Location: Baltimore County
  • Employer: Com


  • Injury: Bilateral wrist fractures
  • Body Part: Left and Right Upper Extremity
  • Amount: $77,454.00 AFCS.  Indemnity $71,875.00 and medical $5,579.00.
  • Location: Baltimore County
  • Employer: Construction Labor Contractors
  • Claimant sustained bilateral wrist fractures as a result of falling from a roof. He underwent multiple surgeries on both wrists.  He also sustained non-surgical injuries to his right and left upper extremities.  The majority of the medical care was performed in Pennsylvania.  Claimant did return to work as a result of a vocational plan.  Claimant went to permanency and received 25% PPD as a result of his injuries.  Claimant appealed the decision and the claim was settled at mediation.


  • Body Part: Neck, Back, Wrist, and Knee
  • Amount: $7,500.00
  • Location: Prince George’s County
  • Claimant was in a work-related motor vehicle collision and sustained injuries to her neck, back, wrist and knee. Conservative care with one cortisone injection to the knee.  The third party claim was settled for $7,500.00 in additional money after suit was filed.


  • Injury:             Claimant sustained a back injury when she fell when coming out of an elevator that did not “level” properly when the doors open.  Claimant caught her foot and fell forward, sustaining injury.
  • Body Part: Back
  • Amount: $6,405.00 – 7% PPD to the back by stipulation.  for PPD .
  • Location: Baltimore City


  • Body Part: Hip and Pelvis
  • Amount: $5,490.00.
  • Location: Baltimore City
  • Employer: Archdiocese of Baltimore
  • Claimant sustained a lifting injury to her right hip and pelvis while moving a bed-bound patient. After a period of conservative care, she returned back to work for the same employer.


  • Injury:             Repetitive neck and back injuries
  • Body Part: Neck and Back
  • Amount: $7,500.00
  • Location: Frederick County
  • Claimant sustained neck and back injuries over a period of time while working as a building maintenance supervisor for an apartment complex. The WCC denied that claim as not a compensable “occupational disease” and the claimant appealed.  The claim was settled while on appeal prior to mediation.


  • Injury: Claimant was involved in a work-related motor vehicle collision and sustained injuries to his head, neck, left shoulder and back.  He also sustained a traumatic brain injury, tinnitus and a psychological injury.   The claimant underwent a long period of recovery, but was able to return to work for the same employer in the same position.  The claimant went to a hearing on PPD and was awarded 14% loss of the body.  Total value $12,040.00.
  • Body Part: Head/Neurological, Neck, Left Shoulder, Back, Tinnitus, Psychological
  • Amount: $12,040.00
  • Location: Harford County

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Our comp practice grew from serving law enforcement.  Being one of the most dangerous jobs, police officers and other public safety employees often need counsel for workplace injuries.  In order to serve our existing clients, we gained the expertise.

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Since 1997, Warnken, LLC has been general counsel to the Maryland Troopers Association.  We handle administrative discipline, trial boards, disability retirement, grievances, and generally anything else active or retired law enforcement personnel face.  We take great pride in the work.