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Real People Representing the Injured

Warnken, LLC is a team of more than 10 attorneys and other professionals working every day to help the injured.  We handle workers’ compensation and other personal injury cases. Fighters I have always considered myself a fighter.  Angry.  A champion of the little guy.  Ready to help David take on Goliath.  These traits were in […]

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Why Workers’ Compensation, Part 3

Paycheck to Paycheck According to CNN, 76% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck.  That’s an insane number.  Absolutely insane. It means that if one paycheck is missed, bills become late.  If a few are missed, life comes off the rails.  That’s why workers’ compensation laws are so important.  Comp laws are a huge part of […]

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Why Workers’ Compensation, Part 2

Workers’ Compensation is important.  In many ways, it actually holds up our society.  It is a social safety net.  And importantly, private industry bears the cost of this social safety net, as they should — it’s their workers’ who are injured and need the safety net. (Note: private industry is trying to shift the burden […]

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Why Workers’ Compensation, Part 1

“Jadvyga is small and delicate, with jet-black eyes and hair, the latter twisted into a little knot and tied on the top of her head.  She wears an old white dress which she has made herself and worn to parties for the last five years; it is high-waisted – almost under her arms, and not […]

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