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Real People Representing the Injured

Warnken, LLC is a team of more than 10 attorneys and other professionals working every day to help the injured.  We handle workers’ compensation and other personal injury cases.


I have always considered myself a fighter.  Angry.  A champion of the little guy.  Ready to help David take on Goliath.  These traits were in me before I was a lawyer.  I didn’t choose this profession, this profession chose me.  Though sometimes I wish I wasn’t so angry, I always use the fight inside of me to my clients’ advantage.

But I didn’t just want to be a guy who marketed himself as the “F U Lawyer – Ready to pick a fight with any business or insurance company on behalf of the little guy.”  Even though it’s true, somehow this felt a little aggressive.

The Balance

Over time, after representing thousands of clients, Warnken, LLC is more than just its fighting spirit.  The Firm must fight businesses and insurance companies on one side, and nurture clients on the other.  It’s a tough balance.  I asked everyone in the office for a little help putting the whole picture together.  I asked for words and phrases that help define us.  Here’s what they came up with:

Warnken, LLC’s people said we are helpful, understanding, compassionate, friendly, tenacious, trustworthy, diligent, hardworking, reliable, caring, responsive, and experienced.  The only adjective that got used twice was tenacious.  When asked what we are to clients, we said, protector, advocate, educator, and friend.  One attorney said “We make them feel like they are part of the family, not just a file and we make them feel secure and in good hands.”  Another attorney said we provide vigilant representation, we’re empathetic in times of need, and we’re attentive to the needs of our client.

That’s a lot of great stuff to be.  Marketing experts will tell you every personal injury law firm says that same stuff about themselves.  Maybe.  I know firsthand that most firms don’t live it.

So Who is Warnken, LLC?

I personally said we are unafraid and understanding.  We are real people trying to help you in your healing process.

We are real people representing the injured.  We fight so you can heal.