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Archives : Maryland Daily Record

A Living Legend

Steve Lash at the Daily Record reminded us yesterday that December 11, 2017 was the 21st anniversary of my father, Professor Byron L. Warnken’s, argument before the Supreme Court of the United States.

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Raynor v. State – Court of Appeals

The Raynor argument is today, April 8. Issues – Criminal Law (1) Whether, under the Fourth Amendment & Art. 26 of the Md. Declaration of Rights, a citizen maintains an objectively reasonable expectation of privacy in the DNA found in genetic material involuntarily and knowingly deposited through ordinary biological processes? (2) Whether, under the Fourth […]

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Another Court of Appeals Win

Last week, Warnken, LLC was featured in Maryland’s Daily Record for a win on behalf of one of our clients.  In this case, it was a win in the sense that the Court ruled that cert was improperly granted.  The case stems from a 2006 trial, followed by an unreported opinion in Maryland’s Court of […]

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Warnken Quoted in Daily Record

On Friday, the Court of Appeals overturned a conviction for reckless endangerment.  Warnken, a recognized Maryland criminal law expert, was quoted as saying, “The jury is permitted, but not required, to draw an inference against the one who didn’t have” the evidence.  The story also pointed to Warnken’s efforts in writing a treatise on Maryland […]

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Four Recent Appearances in the Media

Warnken LLC image

Byron L. Warnken, Esq. and Warnken, LLC have been in the media four times in the past two weeks. Fox 45 television in Baltimore discussing the first amendment implications on precluding elections billboards WJZ 13 television in Baltimore discussing the ramifications of shooting an intruder in one’s home. The Daily Record of Maryland talking about […]

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Comments on the Constitution

Warnken - Constitutional Laywer - Daily Record Picture

Per usual in Maryland, the cops are in the news. A recent decision (State of Maryland v. Agurs) addressed how much knowledge of the Constitution cops should have. Warnken, LLC’s founder Byron Warnken was quoted as saying, “We cannot expect the cops to be constitutional scholars.” He did clarify his comments on his blog. There […]

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Warnken in the News about 4th Amendment

Byron Warnken, Esq. gave his opinions to the Maryland Daily Record on Thursday May 20th, 2010 about a Maryland Court of Appeals decision involving whether the police met the good faith exception when conducting a house search using a warrant that was later deemed to be invalid.  Warnken said, “It’s been fairly rare [for the […]

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