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Rear End Baltimore – Get the Best!

Warnken, LLC was voted Best Personal Injury Law Firm by readers of Maryland’s oldest legal newspaper, the Daily Record. Warnken, LLC is a top choice if you’ve been in a car crash. If you were rear-ended, that’s a car crash – not a car accident. The person that hit you is at-fault. A crash, not […]

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March 2022 – Last month’s Results Warnken, LLC Recovered $2,753,480.83 for 56 Injured Clients

Warnken, LLC had a month in March of 2022!  We recovered more than two and a half million dollars for our injured clients last month. $2,753,480.83 to be exact. 56 case conclusions. Six of those cases resulted in recoveries to our injured client of $100,000 or more.  That means nearly ten percent of cases for […]

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February 2022 – Last month’s Results Warnken, LLC Recovered $2,271,747.19 for 48 Injured Clients

Warnken, LLC had an incredibly busy and productive month for our clients. The firm recovered in excess of two million dollars even in a shortened month. Forty-eight cases concluded, three of which resulted in recoveries above $100,000. You will see from the listing below, results can be all over the map.  Injuries that seem horrific […]

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2021 Saw More Car Crash Deaths Than Before the Pandemic

Why Are Car Crash Deaths Increasing During the Covid-19 Pandemic Era?  Recently we investigated the troubling pandemic era trend of increased car crash fatalities. Traffic-related deaths in 2020 rose by more than 7% over 2019 levels, even though lockdowns and work-from-home options meant people were driving less. The surge in fatalities was alarming because roadway safety had steadily improved in the […]

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January 2022 – Last Month’s Results: Warnken, LLC Recovered Over $1,570,481 for 27 Injured Clients

Warnken, LLC had another great month for clients in January 2022. Twenty-seven cases concluded, either permanently, or, in the case of some workers’ comp cases, for now. Of the 27, three cases resulted in recoveries to the injured client in excess of $100,000. Please see last month’s results below. Body Part(s): COVID-19 Amount: $12,500 Claimant […]

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Employers: Don’t Fire Injured Workers

We recently obtained a recovery for an injured worker whom we alleged was fired solely because of the injured worker’s filing of a workers’ compensation claim.  It wasn’t a king’s ransom and it wasn’t nothing.  Confidentiality provisions prevent us from saying anything further.  And even though it might have been a fraction of the recovery […]

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Wrongful Death Lawsuits Against Amazon

As a record-setting tornado outbreak raced through the south and Midwest in December 2021, workers at an Amazon delivery warehouse in Edwardsville, Illinois, were busy processing shipments. The stretch between Thanksgiving and Christmas is the company’s peak season and the surge in product demand can mean increased staff performance quotas. By bedtime on December 10th, the warehouse was barely […]

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Dog Bite Cases Can Result in Substantial Compensation

Many people think that dog bite injuries are not serious.  Many people think of a little dog nipping at their ankles, maybe producing a small skin break if they’re really able to get a hold of a leg.  You might think of it as a pain in the ass (or pain in the ankle), but […]

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Why Winter is the Deadliest Time of Year for Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Tragedy struck this month in Prince George’s County, Maryland, where two brothers died of suspected carbon monoxide poisoning. Carlos and Luis Carranza were discovered unconscious in their shared home on January 4 by first responders and subsequently declared dead on the scene. A portable generator was reportedly running inside the living room. According to relatives, the […]

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RE: Trampoline Parks are Dangerous

From: Byron Warnken <> Date: Sun, Jan 16, 2022 at 11:51 AM Subject: Trampoline Parks are Dangerous To: CONFIDENTIAL   CONFIDENTIAL- Thanks for reaching out.  I’m sorry about your [child].  In our experience, what you describe about disorganization and lack of safety is a theme of trampoline parks.  They are dangerous. I’m glad for you that your […]

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Straight Talk from a Baltimore Lawyer: What You Need to Know about Fake ID s

The fake ID industry is booming. With the help of sites like idgod and King Forge, it has never been easier to get a fake ID that looks real without breaking the bank. But there are consequences for using fake IDs in Maryland - namely fines, jail time and other penalties which can lead to an arrest record. So what do lawyers say about fake IDs? Heres some straight talk from Baltimore criminal defense attorney, Chris Morolake: "If youre caught with one or more fake IDs, you will be charged criminally."