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April Personal Injury and Workers’ Compensation Cases

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  • Injury: Back strain
  • Body Part: Back
  • Amount: $8,325.00
  • Claimant was injured when he twisted while in his vehicle while at work. Claimant had conservative treatment and was able to return to work without restriction.


  • Injury: Lumbar spinal stenosis and disc herniation with radiculopathy
  • Body Part: Back
  • Amount: $6,000.00
  • Claimant exacerbated a pre-existing injury while at work. Claimant treated conservatively. Pre-existing issue exacerbated by the workers’ comp injury


  • Injury: Spondylosis from C5 to C7 and supraspinatus partial tear of shoulder
  • Body Part: Neck and left shoulder
  • Amount: $29,700.00
  • Claimant sustained injury to neck and shoulder while lifting a patient. Claimant is a nurse, a surprisingly dangerous position. Injured worker was unable to return to
    pre-injury employment and has permanent work restrictions. Claimant was treated conservatively – not a candidate for surgery.


  • Injury: Anterior labral tear causing frozen shoulder; back strain
  • Body Part: Left shoulder and back
  • Amount: $18,500.00
  • Claimant was injured while in a motor-vehicle collision. He underwent multiple surgeries to repair his shoulder. He was able to return to pre-injury employment.


  • Injury: Complex medial meniscus tear
  • Body Part: Right knee
  • Amount: $7,221.00
  • Claimant sustained injury to her right knee while working as a nurse in the emergency room. She underwent injections and surgical repair of the right knee.


  • Injury:  Thoracic strain, post compression fractures superior end-plates (T3&4)
  • Body Part: Back
  • Amount: $22,500.00
  • Claimant was injured when he slipped and fell on ice. He sustained trauma to the thoracic spine, but due to the area of the spine, he was not a candidate for surgery. Claimant was able to continue working with permanent restrictions.


Every personal injury, car accident, or workers’ compensation case is different.  Simply because there was a recovery in one case does not mean there will be a recovery in another case, even if the facts are similar.  The best thing do is speak, as soon as possible, to a qualified workers’ compensation or personal injury attorney.

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