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Warnken, LLC’s Workers’ Compensation Lawyers

If you have been hurt at work, you need someone to advocate for you.  The workers’ compensation insurance companies are out for themselves.  Even comp claims that start out smooth often end up with the injured worker getting the short end of the stick.  We see too many clients get a lawyer too late.

  • Our firm was started by the law professor who commentates for all of the Baltimore news stations.
  • We’re currently handling more than 100 open comp claims.  Don’t go to someone who only handles a few.
  • Consultations are free.  (They always are in workers’ comp.  Don’t let any lawyer tell you different.)
  • Multiple locations.  And if you have a case, we will come to you!
  • AV Rated Lawyers
  • We fight for injured workers!

You probably have questions.  We have answers.

  • What doctor should I speak to?
  • Who do I have to talk to?
  • What paperwork needs to be filled out?

Call us for answers!  We want to help!



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