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$304,349 Recovered for Injured Workers in July

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Below are only Warnken, LLC’s workers’ comp results for July.  Other personal injury cases, lawsuits, and other kinds of cases are not included.

The dollar amounts listed on the cases below represent a mix of PPD (permanent partial disability) awards and full and final settlements.  Different workers’ comp cases call for different strategies.  Each case is different.  Just because Warnken, LLC clients got the results below in a given case, doesn’t mean the result will necessarily be same in your case, even if the facts are similar or the injuries the same.

  • Injury: Disc protrusion at L4-5; Cervical strain, plantar fasciitis
  • Body Part: Back, neck, left leg
  • Amount: not quite $70,000
  • Claimant was injured during a slip and fall at work. Conservative treatment with therapy, injections, and chiropractic care.  Claimant not able to return to pre-injury employment.


  • Injury: Various fractures, contusions; thoracic spine and thoracolumbar strain;
  • Body Part: Neck, right shoulder, left hip/thigh, hands, knees, back
  • Amount: slightly over $90,000
  • Claimant was injured from a fall off of a ladder. Claimant had emergency surgery to repair the fractures to leg and hip.  Conservative care and pain management followed the surgeries.  The case was complicated by having an uninsured employer.


  • Injury: Lumbar strain
  • Body Part: Back
  • Amount: $10,050.00
  • Claimant was injured getting rear-ended while driving in a work vehicle.


  • Injury: Humerus comminuted fracture; a radial nerve injury
  • Body Part: Arm
  • Amount: between $32,000 and $33,000
  • Claimant fell while at work and landed directly on her outstretched arm. She required emergency surgery to repair the damage, which involved placement of rods and screws.


  • Injury: Anxiety and cervical and lumbar strains
  • Body Part: Psychiatric, neck, and back
  • Amount: $10,000.00
  • Claimant was injured after being assaulted and involved in motor vehicle accident on the same evening while at work.


  • Injury: Crushed hand injury and brachial plexus neuropathy
  • Body Part: Shoulder and hand
  • Amount: $8,767.50
  • Claimant was injured after arm became stuck in the door of a vehicle, causing injury to the hand and the opposite shoulder.


  • Injury: Lumbar strain
  • Body Part: Back
  • Amount: $12,000.00
  • Claimant injured back at work.


  • Injury: Worsening of condition
  • Body Part: Knee
  • Amount: $8,000
  • Claimant tore tendons in the knee while working.


  • Injury: Avulsion fracture on the dorsal aspect of the talus
  • Body Part: foot/ankle
  • Amount: $4,150
  • Claimant injured the foot/ankle while walking into work.


  • Body Part:  Knee
  • Injuries:  Nondisplaced patellar fracture
  • Amount:  $5,000 new money and waiver of PI lien
  • Injured worker fell on a wet floor.


  • Body Part:  Lower Back
  • Injuries:   Disc protrusion
  • Amount:  Between $35,000-37,500
  • Claimant injured while lifting a heavy object.  Treatment consisted of physical therapy and a series of epidural steroid injections.


  • Body Part:  Hernia
  • Amount:  $5,000
  • IW suffered a hernia while lifting an object.  Surgery to treat. Case was settled while while on appeal to the Circuit Court.


  • Body Part:  Knee
  • Amount:  just under $12,000
  • Worker fell on the job.  An MRI revealed fraying of the cartilage of the patella.  Treatment consisted of pain medication and the use of a brace.  The IW proceeded to a hearing before the WCC, and received an award (allowing for future treatment) amounting to more than double what the E/I offered as a settlement to close the case.