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Brandie Bowman rejoins Warnken, LLC

Paralegal Brandie Bowman rejoins Warnken, LLC.  She worked with the firm in 2015 as paralegal to Dayna Kipnis.  She went with Ms. Kipnis to another Baltimore workers’ comp firm.  When Ms. Kipnis left that firm to take a job outside of workers’ comp/personal injury law, Brandie decided to rejoin our firm.  We are delighted to have her.

Brandie not only knows Maryland workers’ compensation, but also knows injured workers.  They are not always the same thing.  Brandie does her job with professionalism, empathy, and compassion.  With enough time and energy, most people can learn workers’ compensation.  Most can learn to deal with workers’ comp adjusters, TTD checks, filing appropriate issues with the Commission, the ins and outs of settlements and stipulations and the other tactical issues day to day.  Not everyone can be good at all of that and still be good with clients.  That’s why we are so happy she has returned.

Brandie may be helping any client of Warnken, LLC, but will be focused on the specific needs of attorney Andrew Mazan‘s clients.