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October 2016 Workers’ Compensation and Personal Injury Cases

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Each month, Warnken, LLC posts a selection of results from the prior month.  These results include settlements, workers’ compensation awards, comp PPD awards, and jury verdicts.  But please remember, no two cases are alike.  A nearly infinite number of variables go into determining the value of a personal injury or workers’ compensation case.  Just because a case looks like yours, doesn’t necessarily mean it is.


  • Injury: Partial tear of the distal biceps and subchondral cystic change within the radial tuberosity and the head of the radius.
  • Body Part: Left arm
  • Amount: $19,500 plus MSA
  • Claimant was injured when the claimant tried to stop a heavy cart from tipping over. Claimant was treated with conservative care that included medication and therapy.


  • Injury: Impingement syndrome, neck strain, cervicogenic headaches
  • Body Part: Shoulder, head, neck
  • Amount: In excess of $58,000.00
  • Claimant was involved in a car accident while at work. Claimant required surgery to the shoulder as a result of the accident. Claimant retuned to pre-injury employment.


  • Injury: Left shoulder strain
  • Body Part: Left shoulder
  • Amount: $3,600.00
  • Claimant was injured in a motor vehicle crash. Claimant had an emergency room visit and a follow up with the doctor and physical therapy.


  • Injury: Tear of the posterior horn of the medial meniscus, lateral femoral bone bruise, and popliteal cyst.
  • Body Part: Knee
  • Amount: $10,000 new money
  • Claimant was injured while working on a car at work. Claimant had surgery to repair the injuries to the knee. Claimant received a PPD award and later elected to settle the remainder of the claim based on the doctor’s recommendation that no additional treatment would be beneficial.


  • Injury: Partial rotator cuff tear
  • Body Part: Shoulder
  • Amount: $75,000.00 plus MSA
  • Claimant was injured at work after lifting heavy objects. Claimant underwent surgery on the shoulder.


  • Injury: Laceration of the dorsal aspect of the left first web space; disc herniation at C5-6
  • Body Part: Left hand, neck and left shoulder
  • Amount: Between $40,000.00 and $50,000.00
  • Claimant sustained two injuries at work. Claimant underwent a cervical fusion as a result and was able to return to pre-injury employment.


  • Injury: Legionnaire’s Disease
  • Body part:  Lungs
  • Amount:  $9,185
  • The injured worker contracted Legionnaires disease after exposure to a water leak. After initially winning this case at the Maryland Workers’ Compensation Commission, the employer/insurer appealed.  We defended the case on appeal and won again.


  • Injury: Workers’ comp foot injury from foot being rolled over with wheelchair
  • Body part:  Foot
  • Amount:  $15,000
  • Claimant’s foot was injured when it was rolled over by a wheelchair.  Diagnosis was an injury to the fibrous coalition of a foot joint, which was repaired surgically and treated with physical therapy.


  • Body part:  Shoulder
  • Amount:  Six figures
  • Claimant suffered a dislocated shoulder while working.  An award was granted by the Commission.  The injured worker was treated with surgery, a spinal cord stimulator, pain medication, and physical therapy.