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Maryland Criminal Procedure

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Maryland Criminal Procedure: a Treatise

In just one year, Maryland Criminal Procedure has been described as the go-to book for Maryland Criminal Law.

The book contains more than 10,000 cases, statute, and rules, yet easily breaks down specific topic areas within Maryland criminal procedure.

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Book Errors, Omissions and Citing

Citing Maryland Criminal Procedure

Citing to the treatise as a whole:

Byron L. Warnken, Maryland Criminal Procedure (2013).

Citing to particular material:

(volume #) Byron L. Warnken, Maryland Criminal Procedure (page #, consisting of a one or two-digit chapter number, followed by a hyphen, followed by consecutive pagination from the beginning of the treatise).

3 Byron L. Warnken, Maryland Criminal Procedure 32-1391 (2013).

Errors and Omissions

Please download the update for all errors and omissions.  Recently discovered errors below.

p. 5-141 (Ch. 5.II.A.) says:  “In Rothgery v. Gillespie County, 554 U.S. 191, 194 (2008), the Supreme Court held that “attachment of the right also requires that a public prosecutor (as distinct from a police officer) be aware” that formal proceedings have begun against the Defendant.”  However, Rothgery held that a prosecutor did not have to be aware of, or involved in, formal adversarial proceedings for the Sixth Amendment right to counsel to attach.

Page 30-1314, B. 7.: Text incorrectly includes “does not”.  Text should read: “This means that the Defendant needs a ruling within five years and not just a hearing date.”

Page 33-1470, Part A, Second Paragraph:  Text incorrectly states or instead of and.  The rule and statute require both a substantial possibility that the result may have been different and the newly discovered evidence could not have been not discovered in time to file a motion for new trial.


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