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Maryland Criminal Procedure

The culmination of 35 years.

Maryland Criminal Procedure: a Treatise

Professor Byron L. Warnken first taught criminal law in 1978.  Within a few short years he was supplementing his course with his own materials.  By 2009, Warnken was using only his own materials.  Maryland Criminal Procedure is the culmination of 35 years.

The book contains more than 10,000 cases, statute, and rules, yet easily breaks down specific topic areas within Maryland criminal procedure.

In the foreword, Hon. Charles Moylan says, “For trial and appellate judges, for seasoned prosecutors and defense attorneys, and for those lawyers who are called into the criminal courts only occasionally, it will be a destination for ‘one stop shopping’ …” 

If you have not yet downloaded a sample, you may download a sample chapter by entering your email.  Maryland Criminal Procedure is priced at $289 for the three-volume set.  

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Book Errors, Omissions and Citing

Citing Maryland Criminal Procedure

Citing to the treatise as a whole:

Byron L. Warnken, Maryland Criminal Procedure (2013).

Citing to particular material:

(volume #) Byron L. Warnken, Maryland Criminal Procedure (page #, consisting of a one or two-digit chapter number, followed by a hyphen, followed by consecutive pagination from the beginning of the treatise).

3 Byron L. Warnken, Maryland Criminal Procedure 32-1391 (2013).

Errors and Omissions

Page 30-1314, B. 7.: Text incorrectly includes “does not”.  Text should read: “This means that the Defendant needs a ruling within five years and not just a hearing date.”

Page 33-1470, Part A, Second Paragraph:  Text incorrectly states or instead of and.  The rule and statute require both a substantial possibility that the result may have been different and the newly discovered evidence could not have been not discovered in time to file a motion for new trial.


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