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$356,382.21 Recovered for Injured Workers’ in June

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As we do every single month, Warnken, LLC posts, to the extent we can, our recoveries in personal injury and workers’ compensation cases.  See below for specific examples.  Just because one client got one dollar amount does not mean another will get the same or similar, even if the injury is similar or other facts are similar.  No two personal injury or workers’ compensation cases are the same.  There are simply too many variables.

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  • Injury: SLAP tear (labrum tear) and elbow strain
  • Body Part: Left shoulder and left arm
  • Amount: $24,790.00
  • Claimant fell while at work landing on his shoulder and arm. Claimant was treated conservatively with physical therapy for the shoulder.


  • Injury: Lumbar strain and elbow strain
  • Body Part: Back and elbow
  • Amount: Slightly less than $5,000
  • Claimant injured his back while lifting heavy equipment at work. Claimant injured his elbow when he was pushing a cart that started to fall and his arm twisted. Claimant was treated conservatively for both and received therapy.


  • Injury: Right knee patellar dislocation
  • Body Part: Right Knee
  • Amount: $10,000.00
  • Claimant was injured when colliding with a co-worker causing the knee to dislocate. This problem was an exacerbation of an underlying issue with the knee. This required surgery.


  • Injury: Lumbar sprain and sciatica
  • Body Part: Back
  • Amount: $32,250.00 plus MSA of $12,711.21
  • Claimant was injured moving heavy boxes at work.


  • Injury: CRPS of left arm and psychiatric conditions
  • Body Body: Left arm and psych
  • Amount: $125,000.00
  • Treatment for previous workers’ comp injuries caused CRPS to develop. Thereafter, claimant’s condition worsened and additional body parts became affected by the injury.


  • Injury: WC back injury
  • Body Part: back
  • Amount: $25,000
  • Claimant was working when bending over caused a pull in the back. Treatment involved a course of physical therapy.  The Insurer contested the claim and claimant elected to settle the workers’ compensation case in lieu of litigation.


  • Injury: WC back injury
  • Body Part: back
  • Amount: $25,000
  • Claimant injured his back when he stepped in a hole while carrying a large bag on trash. MRI results were unremarkable.  Claimant underwent physical therapy.


  • Body part:  WC back injury
  • Injuries:  multi-level disc protrusions
  • Amount:  $25,125
  • Injured worker’s back was injured while lifting boards.  Treatment consisted of physical therapy and pain medication.


  • Body Parts:  neck, shoulders, knees, back
  • Amount:  $10,000
  • Injury occurred as a result of a slip and fall.  Treatment consisted of physical therapy and medications.


  • Injury: Full thickness tear of the supraspinatus tendon
  • Body Part: Right shoulder
  • Amount: $13,100 plus MSA of $45,686.00
  • Claimant was injured when lifting heavy boxes working part time as a delivery driver. Claimant underwent surgical repair and was able to return to full-time job.


  • Injury: Subcutaneous soft tissue edema of the knee
  • Body Part: Both knees
  • Amount: $6,120.00
  • Claimant was injured after tripping and falling onto her knees. Claimant’s treatment was injections and therapy.


  • Injury: Lumbar strain
  • Body Part: Back
  • Amount: $6,700.00
  • Claimant was injured when he twisted his back while lifting a heavy object. He had a brief course of therapy and did not miss time from work.