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After More than 20 Years, an Unceremonious Day of Change for Warnken, LLC

For more than 20 years, Warnken, LLC has done a great deal of work in criminal law.  Stemming from my father’s work as a Professor, Warnken, LLC handled more than 1300 criminal cases.  The firm had a particular focus on post conviction cases.  Today, the page describing Warnken, LLC’s post conviction practice was taken down.  We are no longer accepting new post conviction cases.

We are now, primarily, a workers’ compensation law firm, helping injured workers to get the benefits to which they are entitled.  We handle personal injury matters of all kinds, but about 80% of our work on behalf of the injured is in the comp arena.  We take great pride in the knowledge and expertise we have gained and put to use for injured workers everyday.

We have represented the Maryland Troopers Association and we take great pride in that work as well.  In 2010, when we looked out at a decade or two, we thought of our troopers and the services they might need.  Between that and our website, a practice area grew up.  We went from having 10-20 workers’ comp cases at a time to more than 300 today.

There was great resistance in taking down the post conviction page.  For a long time I didn’t want to do it.  In many ways, it felt like an insult to the history of Warnken, LLC.  But things change.  Time moves on.