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Civil Lawsuits, Sentencings, and High Profile Trials

Byron Warnken was in the media half a dozen times last week.  He commented on the Yeardley Love civil suit on ABC.  He is quoted as saying, “The Plaintiffs want to make [George Huguely] take the stand, maybe make him admit it.”  Click Byron Warnken comments on Love’s civil trial to read the whole story.  Though this case is in Virginia, Warnken’s own opinions come from his experience as a Maryland civil lawyer.  Though known for his prowess as a criminal and appellate attorney, Warnken has handled numerous civil matters, often with co-counsel.

Suits for intentional tort (often coming from criminal cases) are quite common.  They have a lower burden of proof, leading to civil judgements where a defendant was found innocent.  In the Huguely case, he was found guilty.  OJ Simpson, however, is an example of not-guilty defendant who owes substantial money.

Warnken also discussed post convictions in a story by the Washington Examiner.

There is also continued media coverage in the Werdesheim brothers case.  Warnken discussed bench trials and cases where defendants do not want to testify.  Not many seem to appreciate it, but there is also a large civil suit in the case.

In his own practice, Byron Warnken’s trial involving Joanna Findlay was argued last week in circuit court in Southern Maryland. The judge held the high profile case sub-curia.