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December 2014 Workers’ Compensation and Personal Injury Cases

It’s a little bit difficult to get decent work done in December.  The holidays are quite a distraction.  For us lawyers, it’s not such a big deal and, if you’re like us, you enjoy some time with family.

However, for injured workers, it’s incredibly difficult.  Adjusters aren’t in the office.  The Commission doesn’t schedule quite as many days because of the holidays.  Treatments get denied, without recourse to move forward.  IME’s get rescheduled.  All the while, the injured worker has rent to pay and gifts to buy for the kids.

All that said, it’s never a good time to get hurt on the job.  And no matter how long we do this, it never ceases to surprise how difficult the process can be.

• Injury: Right adductor strain and right buttock and hip pain secondary to sacroiliac joint strain
• Body Part: Groin and right hip
• Amount: $8,350.00
• Claimant slipped and fell on ice while at work causing a strain and injury to the groin and right hip. Claimant was treated conservatively and was able to return to work without restriction.

• Injury: Lumbar strain
• Body Part: Back
• Amount: Between $5000 and $10,000
• Claimant was in a motor vehicle accident in which he was rear-ended. Claimant sustained a back injury with various treatment including physical therapy. The amount represents only the workers’ compensation amount, not the personal injury for the car accident.

• Injury: Lumbar strain
• Body Part: Back
• Amount: Under $5,000.00
• Claimant sustained an injury to back after lifting a patient while at work. Claimant was treated conservatively. Claimant was subsequently involved in two motor vehicle accidents, which this office is handling.

• Injury: Left triceps strain and right ankle strain
• Body Part: Right ankle and foot, and left arm
• Amount: $9,570.00
• Claimant was dragged by a fleeing suspect’s vehicle, causing injury to his arm and foot. He was treated conservatively with medication, physical therapy, and injections. He was able to return to his employment without restriction.

• Injury: Full thickness burn to right hand
• Body Part: Right hand
• Amount: $12,500.00
• Claimant was burned on his hand after a pot of boiling oil splashed on him. He underwent surgery and skin grafts following the incident.

• Injury: Torn medial and lateral menisci of the right knee and tear of the medial meniscus of the left knee
• Body Part: Bilateral knees
• Amount: $18,000.00
• Claimant was injured in 2012 when he fell and hurt his knees. He received a permanent partial disability award that equaled $43,470.00. Thereafter, Claimant settled claim with the insurer in exchange for additional compensation in lieu of worsening of condition.

• Injury: Rotator cuff tear, necessitating rotator cuff repair and subsequent manipulation under anesthesia/capsular release
• Body Part: Right Shoulder
• Amount: $40,250.00
• Claimant was injured when carrying heavy buckets on a construction site, fell and injured his shoulder. Claimant underwent two surgeries to repair the injuries sustained and remains on a permanent work restriction to prevent overhead lifting and activities due to the injury.

• Injury: Type III chondromalacia of the patellofemoral joint, medial and femoral grade II chondromalacia of the medial and tibeal plateau, lateral tibial plateau and lateral meniscus tear
• Body Part: Left knee
• Amount: $15,000.00
• Claimant twisted and injured his knee on a loading dock while at work. He underwent surgery and subsequent physical therapy and injections. Claimant was unable to return to his pre-injury employment due to his injury and successfully completed vocational rehabilitation that ended in job placement.