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December 2016 Results from Warnken, LLC

Warnken, LLC Opens 421 Personal Injury Files in 2016

Baltimore injury firm ends 2016 strong, recovering $1,358,288.74 for the injured in December

Warnken, LLC’s personal injury files broke down as follows:

  • 377 Workers’ Compensation Cases
  • 36 Personal Injury Cases (motor vehicle crashes or premises liability cases)
  • 8 Medical Malpractice Cases

Below are some of the results we obtained for clients in December:

  • Injury: Rotator cuff tear & lumbar strain
  • Body Part: Right shoulder & back
  • Amount: $25,000.00
  • Claimant was injured after falling off of a stool at work. Claimant was treated conservatively including physical therapy. Claimant was able to return to pre-injury employment.


  • Injury: Lumbar strain and coccyx contusion
  • Body Part: Back and coccyx
  • Amount: $5,040.00
  • Claimant was injured after falling from a chair at work. Claimant was treated conservatively including physical therapy.


  • Injury: Ulnar nerve damage, trigger finger, RSD and impingement of shoulder
  • Body Part: Hand, wrist, shoulder
  • Amount: $88,875.00 ($53,325 from Employer/Insurer and $35,550 from SIF)
  • Claimant was injured after sustaining a laceration to the hand. Claimant underwent three surgeries to the hand and wrist to repair nerve damage. Claimant developed RSD in the shoulder following the surgeries and subsequent treatment. Claimant had a pre-existing traumatic brain injury, which allowed the impleading and monetary recover from the SIF.


  • Injury: Partial amputation of index finger and middle finger, and laceration to ring finger
  • Body part: Hand
  • Amount: $24,150.00
  • Claimant was injured after the claimant’s hand became stuck in a saw he was operating, resulting in partial amputation of two fingers and a laceration of the third. Claimant underwent revision amputation surgery.


  • Injury: Arm contusion, back contusion, concussion, head injury, cervicalgia, lumbago, hip sprain, and depression, rotator cuff tear
  • Body parts: Head, neck, back, shoulder, psychiatric
  • Amount: $300,000 plus MSA of $668,200.
  • Claimant was injured while trying to hook up a truck trailer. The trailer hit the claimant causing him to be knocked to the ground. Claimant underwent surgical repair to the shoulder. Claimant was recommended for a lumbar fusion after receiving injections.


  • Injury: L4-5 disc herniation
  • Body Part: Back
  • Amount: $58,600.00
  • Claimant was injured after breaking up a fight between inmates. Claimant underwent surgery to his low back. Claimant received a 20% permanent partial disability award from the Commission, which was appealed to the Circuit Court. After a trial, the jury awarded Claimant 40% permanent partial disability benefits.


  • Injury: Strain
  • Body Part: Back
  • Amount: $8,000 each
  • Plaintiffs were injured in a motor vehicle crash in Baltimore.


  • Injury: Distal tibia fracture
  • Body Part: Ankle
  • Amount: $8,831.74
  • Claimant was a truck driver who sustained a broken ankle when he was hit by a car while he was exiting his truck on the side of the road. He was placed in an orthosis walking boot while the bone healed.  He did not need any physical therapy or any other treatment besides immobilization and rest.  He returned to work after approximately 3 months.


  • Injury: Torn meniscus
  • Body Part: Knee
  • Amount: $20,000
  • Claimant was injured when he slipped on ice during the course of employment. He underwent surgical repair followed by a course of physical therapy.  He missed under three weeks of work before returning full duty without restriction.


  • Body part:   Hypertension
  • Amount: $30,000
  • Injured worker – a law enforcement officer developed hypertension as the result of the employment.  Treatment consisted of medication.  Money for future medical treatment was paid in addition to the settlement.


  • Body part: Hypertension
  • Amount:   $7,717.50
  • Injured worker is in law enforcement and developed hypertension.  Treatment consisted of medication.  The case was left open for coverage of future medical treatment.


  • Body part:   Shoulder
  • Amount:   $41,875
  • Injured worker slipped and fell on ice, causing tears in his shoulder.  Treatment included surgery and physical therapy.


  • Body Part: Ribs
  • Amount: $11,000
  • Public safety employee was injured during a training exercise and diagnosed with a rib contusion.


Please know that all cases are different.  Just because you have the same injuries as another person doesn’t mean the amount of the settlement will be the same.  There are numerous variables that could go into determining the value of a case.  Consult an attorney for more information.