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I put up a blog post yesterday about a woman whose DUI attorney had not gotten back to her.  The situation had clearly upset her.  Worst, she felt there was nothing she could do about it.

Today, something bothered me just as much.  It is much more subtle, but equally as bad.

It’s about a workers’ compensation lawyer not with this firm and whose name will not be mentioned.  This lawyer says to his clients, “I’ll do you a favor and not charge you anything up front.”  I’ll do you a favor?  I’ll do you a favor?  I’LL DO YOU A F&^%N FAVOR?

Workers’ comp attorneys fees are set by statute.  All fees are the same.  There are no up-front fees.  Ever.  An attorney could be disbarred for charging a fee in this scenario.

Therefore, when this attorney says he is doing you a favor by not charging you an initial consultation fee, he’s really saying, “I’ll do myself a favor and not get disbarred and while I do that, I’ll say something that makes me look good in your eyes.  Because you probably don’t know that workers’ comp lawyers can’t charge in this scenario.”

Attorneys who use your own lack of knowledge of the law against you are dangerous.  A lawyer is there to give you knowledge of the law and the process, not exploit a lack of it.

I am proud to say Warnken, LLC’s workers’ comp lawyer Rebecca Smith is not that.  She guides her client through the process.  She instills knowledge and confidence, because she is knowledgable and confident herself.  I would not go anywhere else for workers’ compensation.