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January 2015 Workers’ Compensation at Warnken, LLC

January 2015 was a slow month for workers’ compensation cases closing at Warnken, LLC.  You can see the specifics below.  However, Warnken, LLC opened 15 new cases during the month.

Number of cases wasn’t the big news in Warnken, LLC’s workers’ compensation department.  The big news was Dayna Kipnis joining the firm.  Before representing claimant’s at a Baltimore workers’ compensation law firm for the last two years, Dayna was on the defense side for nearly a decade.  Dayna was with Semmes where she learned workers’ compensation, then in-house fighting for Baltimore County.  In addition to learning the trade, she learned many of the tricks of the trade.  Dayna knows the tactics defense attorneys use to prevent injured workers from getting compensated.  Now, she uses the knowledge to fight for injured workers.

In addition to workers’ compensation, Dayna will handle car accidents and other personal injury matters.

January Case conclusions…

  • Injury: Left knee sprain and broken ribs
  • Body Part: Left knee & chest
  • Amount: Approximately $8000
  • Claimant was involved in a motor vehicle accident while driving to an overtime assignment, resulting in broken ribs and a sprained knee. Claimant received treatment and was able to return to work. The figure above was only for the workers’ compensation piece of the recovery, not the car accident litigation.
  • Injury:  Medial meniscus tear, partial tear of anterior cruciate ligament, and Grade I sprain of the medial meniscectomy.
  • Body Part: Knee
  • Amount: $24,750.00
  • Claimant is a nurse who tripped and fell while wheeling a patient in a gurney from the operating room. Claimant underwent surgical repair for the injuries sustained and was able to return to work following treatment, despite the permanent partial disability.
  • Injury:  Cervical strain and back strain
  • Body Part: Neck and back
  • Amount: $8,100.00
  • Claimant was injured when a filing cabinet fell onto claimant necessitating claimant to push it back into position.

For each of the three individuals whose cases reached settlement or PPD, their case was a big deal.  Getting hurt that rises to the level of some lasting permanency is always a big deal.  If you have been hurt at work or through someone else’s negligence, get the advice of an attorney.