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Part II – Why We Think We Were Chosen Best PI Firm in MD

Being chosen best personal injury law firm in the state is not something that comes easily.  (Chosen by the readers of Maryland’s Daily Record, the most established and oldest legal newspaper.) You cannot luck your way into it.  And it certainly doesn’t happen overnight.

When we were chosen, we took a deep look into why.  We spent a lot of time thinking about it.  We know we work hard.  We know we get great results.  We know we genuinely care about our client’s success, health, and recovery – both medically and financially.  But there are other great personal injury firms out there that also work hard, get great results, and genuinely care.  (There are a handful, anyway.)  How did we stand out, how did we get noticed, and what was it about us … specifically?

Why Were We Chosen the Best?

We came up with a few reasons besides hard work, great results, and we care.  As we said, if that’s the only criteria, there are others.  What we came up with:

  • Our History
  • Mission Driven
  • Our Clients

Our history is a part of our DNA.  It’s part of who we are.  We learned so much.  We’ve been at this for 30 years.  We talk a little more about our history here and here.

What Does Mission Driven Mean?

Only Personal Injury Lawyers

Besides representing Maryland State Troopers, which we have done for nearly 25 years, we do nothing besides representing the injured.  Whether it happened on the road (auto accident lawyers), in the hospital (medical malpractice), or at work (workers’ compensation), we only represent the injured.  We don’t represent defendants; we don’t represent hospitals; we don’t represent employers.  We represent victims of personal injury.

Fighting Big Money Interests

We think insurance companies, big business, hospitals, and hospital associations try to stack the deck against the little guy.  They use their highly trained adjusters, their armies of lawyers, and their deep pockets to keep from paying for injuries for which they are responsible.  They pretend every time they have to pay an injury victim that a potential flood of payouts is coming.  Worse, they also have small armies of lobbyists trying to get the laws changed in their favor by limiting how much money injury victims can get and eroding the 7th Amendment rights that our country’s founders granted us.  Their reason … just money.  The almighty dollar.  Excuse us for speaking plainly, but F that.

We don’t just do what we do to put money in our client’s pockets and our pockets.  We do it to take it out of theirs.

Meaningful Work

We are able to to meaningful work, that actually helps people, without those in need having to pay up-front.  Personal injury lawyers have been villainized as ambulance chasers, greedy, bloodsuckers, leeches, feeding off the ills of society, etc.  We get a bad rap.  But the truth is that we take on our client’s causes and cases for no money up front.  We often pay – out of our own pockets – thousands, tens of thousands, or hundreds of thousands of dollars to finance cases.  If client’s had to pay up-front, 99% of the time no justice would be achieved.

The mission is to ethically and legally take money from the big money pockets and put it into our client’s pockets and we get to do this with no risk or money up-front to the clients.  That’s a blessing.  A true gift of our legal system.  We owe it to our clients and the system to succeed within that framework.

Not Distracted from the Fight

Because we’re grateful for all of the above, we give back.  We support the Maryland Association for Justice with our time and money.  Our mission and their mission are in many ways aligned.  Managing attorney Byron B. Warnken is on the MAJ Board.

Because we have a clear mission, we don’t need to chase other kinds of cases.  And it’s a virtuous circle … because we stay true to our mission, our mission is strengthed.

Being chosen as the bets personal injury law firm in Maryland was never the ultimate goal.  The ultimate goal was always just the mission – day in and day out.  Being selected the best is just a by-product of the mission.