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Part III – Why We Think We Were Chosen Best Personal Injury Law Firm in Maryland

As we’ve previously discussed in recent posts, Warnken, LLC was voted 2021’s Best Personal Injury Law Firm in Maryland by the readers of Maryland’s Daily Record.  The Daily Record is Maryland’s legal newspaper, read by many lawyers across the state.  That makes the award that much more significant.

The award did make us stop to think how and why we won such a significant award.  We knew it involved hard work more than it involved luck.  But we also knew that there were other firms out there who worked hard, were ethical, and were successful.  So, why us?

  • Doing great work for clients was a given.
  • Winning cases and getting great results for clients was a given.
  • Great communication with clients was a given.

But a little more in depth, our answers revolved around three ideas.

  1. Our History helped us win best personal injury law firm in Maryland
  2. Being Mission Driven helped us win.
  3. Our Clients helped us win!

This is Part 3 – Our Clients

Our style involves a lot of aggression and also a lot of patience.  It’s easy to say, “Of course it does, that’s every personal injury lawyer.”  However, that’s not true.  Many injury lawyers who advertise aggression are simply not aggressive.  They are insurance adjusters with a law degree, just trying to get things resolved and move on to the next file.  It’s also easy for a client to say, “Yes, that’s exactly what I want – I want a lawyer who is patient and aggressive.”  Really practicing patience is not an easy thing for a client to follow through with.  Insurance companies and defendants will dangle go away money in front of the faces of beaten down, injured plaintiffs and claimants.

Even though we respect the concept that it’s our client’s case, and our client has final say, we advise strongly against being bought off.  We want our client’s to get full value for their injuries, even if that means waiting.  Our clients wait with us.  Most of our clients, with our help, are patient.

This patience, along with our practicing transparency, leads to longer, more in-depth relationships with our clients.  Our clients know we have their best interest at heart.  Because they see that we give and we care, they’re more open with us.

Most people are truly good.  It’s just that most people don’t ever get seen as a person by their lawyer and most people don’t open up to their lawyer to be seen.  We try to break that down; the personal injury lawyers at Warnken, LLC try to be different.

This has led to quite a few raving fans.  Clients almost literally obsessed with us.

We are incredibly grateful.  Without these clients, we’re just a bunch of people who know some stuff about the law.  With our clients, we become the best personal injury lawyers in the state of Maryland.  Tremendous gratitude.