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Trampoline Park Injuries

Warnken, LLC is pursuing injury cases against trampoline parks.  These cases have many hurdles to success, not the least of which are waivers with exculpatory clauses and arbitration clauses.  However, these cases must be pursued.  They must be pursued because trampoline (“jump”) parks are simply too dangerous.  Pursuing negligence and gross negligence on the part of the amusement facilities encourages safety.  Failing to pursue encourages dangerous conditions.  People and companies respond to their incentives and disincentives.  If injured people pursue negligent trampoline parks for compensation for their injuries, and the parks are forced to pay, the facilities will get safer.  Of course they will get safer.

The first time I, Byron Warnken, went to a trampoline park, I was taken aback at how dangerous it was.  So dangerous and yet marketing itself as so innocent.  I put up our Trampoline Park Lawsuits page.  Immediately, calls started.  It’s a big problem.

Watch Our Trampoline Park Injuries and Lawsuits Video.

Introducing our New Website

Warnken, LLC is so committed to making trampoline parks safer, we have an entirely new website – Trampoline Park Injuries and Lawsuits!  This is not about getting rich or making easy money.  This is about fighting the tough fights and holding these places accountable.  The parks must get safer!