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Trampoline Park Lawsuits

If you have a trampoline park injury and are considering a lawsuit against the trampoline park, please read below.

Can I sue for my son or daughter’s injury at a trampoline park?

Maybe.  The fact that your child was injured at a trampoline park does not, in and of itself, mean you can sue for your injuries.  However, if the park was negligent in some respect, you may be able to file a lawsuit against the trampoline park.

Did it matter that I signed a waiver at a trampoline park?

Many people think they can’t sue because they signed a waiver.  Depending on circumstances, that may (or may not be) true for an adult.  But a child should not be able to sign away their rights.  A child likely does not have the life experience to assume the risks associated with a trampoline park.  Even if you signed a waiver “on behalf of” your child, you may be able to sue.

For instance, one particular trampoline park company’s waiver form says that the company will only pay for expenses incurred if the trampoline park had greater than ordinary negligence.  That may not be enforceable.

  1. Again, a parent signing a waiver on behalf of a child is suspect.  It varies based on jurisdiction and circumstance.
  2. “Greater than ordinary” negligence and negligence are two different things.  Everything here is fact dependent.

How Do I Know if the Trampoline Park was Negligent?

Trampoline parks have rules and policies that they and their staff must follow.  Did they follow their policies?  Chances are, if a child got hurt at a trampoline park, policies were not being followed.

If the trampoline park waiver isn’t valid, why do they have me sign it?

It might be valid for you.  Might.  Depending on circumstances and what state you live in, it’s far less likely to be valid for your child.  But the trampoline parks have you sign it because you think it’s valid.  They’d rather have your health insurance pay for the injury to your child than them.  And the pain and suffering that your child endured?  They surely don’t want to pay for that.

Your child’s pain and suffering.  They suffered.  Why shouldn’t they be able to sue?  If their suffering results in some toy money or some college paid for, isn’t that fair?

What Kind of Injuries Result from Trampoline Parks?

Broken bones, broken ankles, broken legs, broken arms, hands, and elbows.  Among other injuries.  Unfortunately, trampoline parks are quite dangerous.  There are many different injuries caused by trampoline parks.

An orthopedic surgeon in Baltimore said that he sees more broken bones in children from trampoline parks than anywhere else.

Sky Zone Lawsuits

One of the major trampoline parks is Skyzone.  Skyzone certainly has violations of their policies by their employees.  If you would like your situation investigated, whether it’s a lawsuit against Skyzone or another trampoline park, please contact us now.