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Value of an Accident Case

An accident case is part art, part science.  While such cases cannot be valued perfectly in an initial consultation, it’s possible to get a general idea of how much a case might be worth.  This is done, at the initial phases, by using a little bit more science than art.

  • How Much are the Medical Bills?
  • How Much are the Lost Wages?
  • How Much are other Damages?

This gives the ability to calculate an actual amount of damages at present and an expected amount of damages into the future.  Depending upon how serious the case is, and how early in the process it is, the current damages may only be a tiny fraction of what the eventual damages might be.

Getting an approximate value of an accident case is what aims to do.  The calculator uses an algorithm based on damages with a multiplier for pain and suffering and the total value of the case.  It’s just an estimate, and it’s rough, of course.  It is, however, a useful tool in beginning to determine the value or a personal injury accident case.

The site also has quite a bit of other informational content, including inside info on how value is calculated, various crash types, and information on truck accidents.

As Warnken, LLC morphs from a firm focused on various aspects of criminal law to one focused on law enforcement and workers’ compensation, we have had many opportunities to be involved in personal injury lawsuits of all sorts, including quite a few car accidents.  AccidentValues is an outgrowth of that work.

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