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Warnken, LLC Obtained More than $600,000 for Injured Workers in May

$609,887.41 to be exact.  Warnken, LLC’s Workers’ Compensation Cases Completed in May…

  • Injury:  Back Injury
  • Body Part: Back
  • Amount: $10,000.00
  • Claimant originally received a PPD award in the amount of $23,025.00.  Thereafter, the injured worker decided to settle the claim with the insurer because of a move out of state.


  • Injury: Left shoulder labral tear and left shoulder biceps tear
  • Body Part:  Left shoulder
  • Amount: $31,400.00
  • Claimant underwent two surgeries to repair a left shoulder labral tear and biceps tear resulting from an injury sustained while holding down a combatant patient.


  • Injury: Traumatic injury with fracture of left elbow
  • Body Part: Left elbow
  • Amount: $4,980.00
  • Claimant fractured his left elbow when he slipped in water and fell. Claimant had no surgery and was treated conservatively.


  • Injury: Disc herniation at L5-S1 with cauda equine syndrome with fusion at L5-S1
  • Body Part: Back
  • Amount: $110,000.00
  • Claimant slipped and fell injuring his back that required emergency surgery and a subsequent fusion.


  • Injury: Left rotator cuff injury
  • Body Part: Left shoulder
  • Amount: $43,470.00 (PPD)
  • Claimant sustained a left rotator cuff tear that required surgery that consisted of open rotator cuff repair, Mumford procedure, debridement, and subacromial decompression.


  • Injury: Hypertension
  • Amount: $18,000.00 (settlement)
  • Due to the stress and exposures of being a public safety officer, claimant developed hypertension.


  • Injury: post traumatic symptoms including inability to sleep, nightmares, loss of appetite, flashbacks, difficulty with concentration and anxiety.
  • Body Part: Psychological
  • Amount: $7,000.00 (settlement)
  • After being robbed at gunpoint while at work, Claimant developed post traumatic symptoms that prevented him from working with the employer unless the employer upped its security to prevent future robberies.


  • Injury: sunchondral defect in talar dome of the right ankle
  • Body Part: Right ankle
  • Amount: $96,000.00
  • Claimant underwent arthroscopic drilling and debridement of the lateral dome for a talar OCD lesion to repair a sunchondral defect in talar dome of the right ankle, following a fall at work. Claimant is currently pursuing recovery from the SIF.


  • Injury: Right rotator cuff injury, left knee injury that required replacement, L4-5 disk bulge, and neck pain
  • Body Part:  Right shoulder, left knee, neck, back, right elbow
  • Amount: $182,786.41 (settlement) plus MSA of $106,251.00
  • Claimant underwent surgery of rotator cuff repair and left knee replacement, as well as conservative treatment of the back, neck, and right elbow, following a slip and fall on the ice.

Results in one case don’t guarantee results in another case.  That said, Warnken, LLC fights as hard as we can for injured workers in every case.  If you have been hurt at work, we would love to help you.  Please see our workers’ comp homepage for more information.

In related news, Warnken, LLC’s Rebecca Smith was just quoted in the Baltimore Sun with respect to Chesapeake Employers Insurance, the former IWIF.  She has had numerous cases against the Maryland comp insurer.  You can see the full Sun article here.