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Workers’ Compensation and Injury Cases September 2014

Just like in August, Warnken, LLC brought five workers’ compensation cases to a closed status in September. Their details are below.

Also, it’s important to note that workers’ compensation cases are often not “closed.” The case remains open in an official capacity. We say closed because there is no active work on the workers’ compensation file. We still consider these injured workers’ our clients and when and if anything were to arise with their injury, their job, or their case, we are ready to jump to action. All they need to do is call.

We often get asked, when does a workers’ compensation case close? That question is far more complicated than it seems. Do you mean closed for medicals? Closed for indemnity? Perhaps the inquirer means does the insurer have to pay for workers’ compensation injuries for life? Generally, the injury part of workers’ compensation needs to be covered until a maximum medical improvement status is reached. This could mean two weeks; it could mean ten years. It means whatever it means medically.

If an injured worker receives a permanent partial disability award, generally speaking, there is five years to reopen the case for a worsening of condition.


  • Injury: Hypertension
  • Body Part: Hypertension
  • Amount: $18,000.00
  • Due to occupation as police officer, claimant developed hypertension.


  • Injury:
  • Body Part: Right foot
  • Amount: $9,000.00
  • Claimant was working unloading a truck when a box fell directly on the right foot. Claimant underwent conservative treatment, and missed time from work due to the injury. Claimant was cleared to return to work after recovery.


  • Injury: Multiple
  • Body Part: Left eye, back, left arm, left knee, head, neck, right shoulder, right foot & right knee
  • Amount: $40,000.00
  • Claimant sustained a serious injury, as well as multiple pre-existing injuries, which allowed the impleading of the Subsequent Injury Fund. The Subsequent Injury Fund award was given after the award for permanent partial disability for the causally related injuries.


  • Injury: Retracted tear of distal biceps
  • Body Part: Right elbow
  • Amount: $7,470.00
  • Claimant is a delivery driver who was lifting a box from the truck, and felt a rip and sharp pain in the right arm. As a result, Claimant underwent surgical repair. Claimant was able to return to pre-injury employment.


  • Injury: Labral tear and repair
  • Body Part: Left shoulder
  • Amount: $7,850.00
  • Claimant injured the left shoulder during firearms training with his employer. Due to increased pain and additional treatment, Claimant sought a worsening of condition from the Commission, which was granted. Claimant’s permanent partial disability was increased by the Commission.