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Personal Injury

There are numerous types of personal injury – car accidents, truck accidents, dog bite cases, slip and fall, etc.  Basically, anything that can cause you injury is potentially a case.

The elements of a tort are duty, breach, causation, and damages.  Someone needed to have a duty to you and breach that duty in order for there to be a potential personal injury case.

See the articles below to learn a little more about specific personal injury cases and issues.

  • First Thing to do After a Car Accident

    We are often asked: What’s the first thing to do after getting in a car accident?  And, of course, we say call us – get a car accident lawyer.  But there are a number of other things to do urgently.  See below… Car crashes are unexpected and stressful. Motor vehicle crashes cost more than $240 […]

  • What Is Contributory Negligence?

    by Stephanie Yanovich and Byron Warnken If you’ve sustained an injury due to an accident, your world has undoubtedly been turned upside down. Doctor bills, lost wages, and potentially long-term pain are threatening to rob you of the life you once knew, and you may be wondering if litigation against the party who caused your […]