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MD Workers’ Compensation Back Injury Average Case Value

At Warnken, LLC, we are personal injury lawyers.  We handle cases involving many different types of injuries.  Clients and potential clients often ask, “What’s my case worth?”  It’s for this very reason that we began to publish (without client names, of course), the value of our verdicts and settlements. See our workers’ compensation practice area page to view some of the latest results.

What is a Back Injury Worth in Maryland Workers’ Compensation?

From aggregating all of the results that we’ve published over the last five years, the average value of a workers’ compensation back injury case handled by Warnken, LLC is $39,787.72.  This represents only the money the injured worker receives at the end of the case, coming in the form of permanent partial disability or a full and final settlement.

This was determined from aggregating and averaging the results in 95 separate and distinct cases handled by the personal injury lawyers at Warnken, LLC.  We’ve had many more back cases than this, but this is from what we published on the web.  In addition, the $39,787.72 represents the average, not the median.  Therefore, cases worth a lot more than averaging skew the number higher.

How is the Value of a Back Injury Case Determined?

There are an almost incalculable number of reasons why your case will be worth more or less than the average.  This can include:

  • Severity of the injury
  • How Much Money You Made at time of Injury
  • Amount and kind of treatment
  • Whether the case is contested
  • Your permanent work restrictions, if any
  • Pre-existing conditions, if any

Back injury workers’ compensation cases can be anything from a minor strain to complete paralysis.  A minor strain is not worth a lot.  Paralysis is worth a lot, but it’s not worth nearly enough.

Success in one case does not necessarily mean success in your case.  Therefore, you need to speak to a lawyer about the specifics.

How Do Warnken, LLC’s Results Compare with the Average Case?

The Comp Pinkbook, a study of more than a quarter of a million Maryland workers’ compensation claims, found that the average back case, including permanent partial disability and full and final settlements, was $22,447.

Therefore, by that measure, Warnken, LLC’s results are almost twice as good as the industry average.  One caveat to this is natural inflation.  The $22,447 represents cases concluding in 2011 and 2012, while our numbers are made up of more recent cases.  However, under any circumstances, Warnken, LLC’s results are significantly better than the industry average.