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Warnken’s Supplement is FREE at the MSBA Annual Meeting

The Cumulative Supplement of Professor Byron L. Warnken’s Maryland Criminal Procedure – 2013 through June 2015 – is FREE while supplies last at the MSBA annual meeting.

Warnken, LLC has a booth at the MSBA convention in Ocean City.  Professor Byron L. Warnken is promoting his book, Maryland Criminal Procedure.  The book now has a co-author, G. Adam Ruther, Esq.  Ruther is with Warnken promoting the book at the Clarion in Ocean City.

Warnken, LLC is sponsoring the Professor and Ruther in their quest to save each member of the criminal bar one hour per week.


Warnken, LLC is also using the opportunity to make the community aware that as Professor Warnken rides off into the sunset, a famed legal career culminating the publishing of two thousand pages of knowledge, the firm pushes on.  We’ve transformed ourselves into a workers’ compensation and personal injury firm.


We have what is likely one of the fastest growing workers’ compensation practices in the state, going from only about two dozen open cases four years ago, to more than 300 today.  We represent injured law enforcement officers, construction workers, medical professionals, and numerous other workers.  If you’ve been hurt on the job, we want you to think Warnken first to help make it right.


Here is the handout Warnken, LLC is distributing, in addition to the free supplement.  If you are in Ocean City, be sure to stop by the Warnken, LLC booth.