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119,024 Web Visitors Doesn’t Mean We’re Good Lawyers

Warnken, LLC Web Visitors - Accidents, MDComp, ILD, Warnkenlaw

Year to date, our four most highly trafficked sites have seen 119,024 web visitors seeking information about workers’ compensation, personal injury, appellate litigation, criminal law, medical malpractice, law enforcement, and other legal topics impacting individuals.  We have not gotten 119,024 new clients, but we have gotten quite a few – enough to keep five lawyers and a number of support staff busy.

We do our best to put out quality information on the law as it intersects with real people’s lives.  This might mean a particular point of law, and it might mean information on insurance adjusters, third-party administrators, the courts, or other lawyers.  We know we’re not the right attorney for every potential client.  We want legal consumers to get to the right place.  Sometimes that means us, often it does not.  We wouldn’t even be able to handle 119,024 phone calls, much less 119,024 new clients!

The most commonly researched area on our sites is workers’ compensation.  Car accidents and other personal injury matters are next, followed by medical malpractice.

All of our attorneys and our staff contribute to our marketing – both physical and online.  However, we recognize that simply producing legal related information does not make us good lawyers.  We hone the craft of practicing law daily.  Everyday we seek to apply our knowledge and experience to the lives of our clients.  We want to better our clients’ lives.

We have a lot of clients.  That doesn’t make us good attorneys.  We have many, many people reading the information we put out.  That doesn’t make us good attorneys.  We are exceedingly busy.  That doesn’t make us good or great attorneys.

We are great because:

  • We want to be great
  • We work hard
  • We want the best for our clients
  • We have knowledge and experience that we apply to our clients’ lives
  • We don’t take cases we aren’t right for – we get people to the attorney best suited for their particular situation

Almost 120,000 web visitors doesn’t mean we’re great attorneys.  That said, we are great attorneys.  So maybe Google is on to something.